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Our Hair

At Wicked Roots Hair™, we are here to serve our customers and we mean it. That’s why Wicked Roots Hair Extensions® are made of the highest quality 100% cuticle on Remy human hair. And that’s not just a statement. Our founders grew up in the hair extension business, and we know the difference between true 100% Remy human hair, and companies that simply claim Remy. We don't just purchase hair from any factory; we work with our factory throughout the entire sourcing process, ensuring our hair suppliers are vetted and preferred. That means we can confidently provide you with the highest quality 100% cuticle on Remy hair in the world.

But our hair is so much more than just “Remy Human Hair”! The origins of our hair supply are (wicked) root deep. For thousands of years, men, women and children in India have been donating their hair as an act of religious piety. Hair is something which is essentially equal to all regardless of financial status yet also contributes significantly to a woman’s beauty. Therefore, in the Hindu tradition, giving up your hair is the highest form of offering one can make. Because of this, hair carries a very sacred and spiritual connotation in India. This means that anytime someone decides to provide their hair, regardless of if it is at a temple or at other markets, they are only ever doing so completely voluntarily. Because of this, the Indian hair market is known to be the most ethical in the world. 

Additionally, Indian hair is highly desirable due to its ability to mimic and blend into a slightly waved medium textured hair. However, working with high quality Indian hair does require more complex processing. Because of this, many other companies use Chinese hair, which is easier and cheaper to work with. When doing so, they strip the hair cuticle in order to allow for easier processing, and then coat the hair with silicone after completing the dying process. This provides a temporary shine, making the hair look and feel good at first, but unfortunately, the silicone coating wears out quickly and you are left with dry and matted hair. This causes major issues for the wearer. 

At Wicked Roots Hair, not only do we keep the cuticle intact and facing the same direction, which is key to reducing matting and tangling, but our factory has developed a proprietary process to color Indian hair, which other factories cannot replicate. The result is the highest salon quality hair, delivered to your doorstep. When we say 100% cuticle on Remy hair, we really mean it. 

To separate us even further, Wicked Roots™ 100% cuticle on Remy human hair comes as a multi-tonal blend. That means our hair has subtle highlights and lowlights providing dimension and blend with the most natural blend possible. You are going to love your new look when you use Wicked Roots Hair Extensions®!