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Woman with wet brown hair brushing the back of her head
Mia Santini April 2nd 2020

10 Tips for Healthier Hair While You Can't Visit Your Stylist.

Going to visit your hairstylist at your favorite salon is EVERYTHING. Your hair-care is important and making sure it’s well groomed and taken care of is a big priority. Here are the top 10 tips for healthier hair while you cant visit your stylist!

Going to visit your hairstylist at your favorite salon is EVERYTHING. Your hair-care is important and making sure it’s well groomed and taken care of is a big priority. If you really love your hair, your hairstylist is probably on speed dial.

Your hairstylist can easily become one of your best friends because she/he drops all the hot gossip and makes sure your hair is on fleek at all times... what more can a girl ask for in a friend? That being said, so many salons being closed right now is very sad for all of us. Stylists miss practicing their passion and we miss going in and bonding over a good hair makeover. We guarantee your stylist can’t wait until you’re both reunited again and bit till then, they will appreciate you taking care of your beautiful mane they’ve worked so hard on. 


Below  you’ll find 10 Effective Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy While You Can't Visit Your Stylist.


1) Clean Your Hair Brushes! 

This is something a lot of people forget to do. You may not realize it but your hair brush is a home for old hair, oil, dust, germs, dust, and even conditioner. Keeping your brushes clean will prevent oils and flakes from going back into your clean hair and scalp when you style your hair. It also increases the life and quality of your brush. You do not want harmful bacteria forming! 

Simply remove the hair from your brush with your hands and then run your brush under warm water with shampoo or antibacterial soap. Make sure it gets a nice foam and you get in those bristles. 

2) Buy A Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcases are a great option to sleep on to improve your hair care. They create a smooth surface for your hair to slide on which means less breakage! It also decreases annoying “bed head” and frizz. Bonus point: It’s good for your skin too! We heard it decreases wrinkles, sounds like a win to us. 

3) Be Careful With Heat

Too much heat can become a nightmare for your hair. It can lead to a lot of damage and your hair may not return to its regular state until it grows back out. Make sure before applying heat to your hair it’s been conditioned. Also, try your best to use devices that have low heat settings and never forget to use Thermal & Heat Protectant Product. Protect your hair integrity ladies!

4) Wet Your Hair Less Often 

Did you know that water makes hair swell from the inside, which forces the cuticle up? Crazy town, right? This can lead to frizz and breakage. This is when dry shampoo becomes your best friend. Don’t over wash your hair. Skip an extra day if you can and use dry shampoo. Not only will it help your hair’s health, but you also save water. Win/Win. 

5) Blot Your Hair After Your Shower 

Think of your hair like a plant. It grows out of a root and if you wrap a plant in a towel and rub it aggressively, odds are that plant is going to get pulled out of its root and die. This is what happens with hair! Try to blot your hair, don’t rub and You'll be shocked at how much more water comes out of your hair. This will make the rest of your drying process easier and keep your hair healthier. 

6) Condition Properly

This tip is a given! You need to feed your hair like it’s your child. It needs vitamins and a little TLC. If you don’t feel like going out to pick up a conditioner, we recently made a post on DIY Hair Masks Using Items From Your Kitchen. Make sure you check it out! 

7) Massage Your Scalp

Your hair's health starts from the scalp so give it a mini spa treatment. A soothing scalp massage will help stimulate the hair follicles and help increase blood which in return will encourage healthy growth. Bonus Tip: Look Into A Scalp Treatment for your massage. You can also use a little coconut oil and 2 drops of peppermint oil and rosemary essential oils for a cooling effect on your scalp. 

8) Air Dry Your Hair

This is a classic tip! Applying too much heat to your hair is like cooking it, eventually it will burn. Give your hair a break sometimes and let it air-dry. It’s also a nice time-saver. If you’re worried about it not looking pretty because you’re letting it air-dry, we have a super easy solution for that. Simply part your hair in the middle and make 2 loose braids. Once it dries you’ll have the cutest beach waves. Problem solved. 

9) Take A Break From Hairstyles That Strain Your Hair.

We recommend letting your hair down as much as you can the next few days and giving it a change to breathe. We love ponytails, tops, tops, and braids and much as the next hair enthusiast but these styles often make us pull our hair which can lead to increased breakage. Have You ever taken down your ponytail and found hair on your scrunchies and also noticed more hair comes out when you brush? This is pretty common. Let your hair breathe the next few days! Let it down, comb it gently once a day, and if you feel like putting it up practice loose hairstyles. 

10) Try Not To Stress.

We know, you’re probably like seriously guys? All we can do is stress right now. We completely understand but we feel the need to remind you to practice safety and stay calm. Try to entertain your mind with creative and educational activities or simply Netflix & chill. The point is stay home and try not to stress too much. The best thing you can do for your hair is to relax. Stress shows up in our hair and also on our skin! It causes hair to fall out.  So try to reduce your stress as much as possible.


Do you practice any of these at home already? We hope you’re staying safe and focusing on your self-care. If you have any more tips you think should be on the list, drop them in the comment box below. 

Main Photo credit: khosrork / fotolia

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