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5 Frizzy Hair Hacks You Must Try This Summer.
Wicked Roots August 1st 2020

5 Frizzy Hair Hacks You Must Try This Summer.

Frizzy hair problems? Summer can be tough on our hair, wicked babes.  Our hair is our crown and we’ll always try to wear it as flawlessly as possible, but when heat comes knocking and humidity starts creeping in, it makes our job a bit difficult. There’s nothing more annoying than having countless flyaway hairs when you’re trying to rock a cute hairstyle. We feel your pain, we’ve been there, and we’re here to help. 

Check out these 5 simple frizzy hair hacks you can incorporate to your lifestyle this Summer to walk around with gorgeous locks this season. 

Use A Mascara Wand With Hair Spray.

This is a great trick to have with you on the go. You can buy a mini hairspray that you love, and a single mascara wand. The mascara wand is perfect for targeting small flyaway hairs and the spray will help keep them in place.

Don’t Skip Conditioner.

A smart way to fight frizz is by making sure your hair is always hydrated which means giving it extra moisture. This will prevent your cuticle from opening up and let moisture from the air in, turning your hair from silky to frizzy. 

If you want to take this tip to the next level, use a deep conditioning mask twice a week without using shampoo to focus solely on moisture 

Let Your Hair Dry 90 Percent Of The Way Before You Blow-Dry It.

Listen ladies, when it’s hot out you do not want to focus too much hot air on your hair because it will absolutely dehydrate it and make it very frizzy. Let your hair air-dry 90 percent of and only use the air drying to tame and polish your hair for the last 10% of the process. 

Use A Little Hand Lotion. 

We’ve heard this tip through the grapevine a few times and have used it ourselves. This is a great frizz tamer and last minute go-to. If you’re out on a date and go to the ladies room and realize “OMG! my hair looks crazy” reach into your handbag and use a few drops of your hand lotion, but don't apply it directly to your hair. Instead, apply it to your hands as you normally would and smooth it through your strands using your hands. 

Use A Dryer Sheet.

This tip adds a nice aroma to your hair too! Dryer sheets are used to reduce static cling on clothing and they can do the same for your hair. They will reduce the static fly-away hairs cause like a charm. Try it out.   can be run over dresses and skirts to reduce static cling, they can also be run over hair to reduce fly-aways caused by static. 

Avoiding the heat during Summer is next to impossible, but making sure your hair looks great isn’t. 

Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know if you have any of your own easy frizzy hair hacks  that should be on this list.

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