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5 Must Have Items To Improve Your Hairs Health Under $50.
//wickedrootshair.com/cdn/shop/users/avatar_250x250_crop_center_f0ad1dc6-4182-4412-8f45-052bf7447aa9_200x200.png?v=1685998438 Solomon Schoonover July 9th 2020

5 Must Have Items To Improve Your Hairs Health Under $50.

Taking care of your hair properly isn’t always easy. Your hair is like a garden that rests on your head, you must water it, feed it, and make sure you give it proper nourishment if you want it to blossom. Also, every good gardener makes sure they have the right tools!  Doing a little research on what items you buy for your hair will definitely pay off and can have endless benefits for your mane’s health. 

1) Scalp Massager 

A Scalp Massager is meant for massaging your scalp to help evenly distribute shampoo and get it all out of your hair. It’s also extremely useful for removing dead skin and any buildup that may be clogging your roots. Any perk if that just like any other massage, it increases blood circulation which is great for your scalp and can encourage hair growth. Did we mention how crazy satisfying it feels? Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself. 

Average Price Range: $5-$20

2) Microfiber Hair Wrap 

Drying your hair can be a pain but a Microfiber Hair Wrap can dry it faster than a regular towel and it’s easier to wear. The soft microfiber material absorbs moisture quickly and efficiently. For a lot of us this means less blow drying time resulting in healthier hair. A lot of the wraps on the market include a twist and loop system that keeps hair in place. We're crushing on the one in this photo by Kitsch. Honestly, we adore using these and find them extremely helpful. 

Average Price Range: $10-$30

3) Biotin Gummy Vitamins 

Remember when we talked about feeding your hair? Biotin helps address an internal vitamin deficiency that will allow you to have thicker, fuller, and healthier hair! Bonus points: it’s also amazing for your skin and nails. Caring for your hair is not just about what kind of products you use on the outside, but also about what nutrients you put into the inside of your body. These that we found are Amazon are also Vegan & Plant-Based.

Average Price Range: $12-$30

4) Verb Ghost Oil

Every girl needs a good hair oil in her life.  Verb Ghost Oil is a lightweight oil that you won't even notice is there, because it ghosts you! Yet it still manages to nourish dry hair from roots to ends. This oil also helps eliminate tangles, smooth frizz & promote shine. There’s bamboo extract and argan oil in this magic bottle which help strengthen the hair follicle, prevent breakage and retain hydration for super sleek and gorgeous hair. 

Average Price Range: $18-$24

5) Detangling Brush

We had a post not too long ago about the right way to detangle your hair, and we stand firm on the fact that everybody should have a good detangling brush. There is no earthly reason that you should use a brush that will stress your hair and cause unnecessary breakage. C’mon babe, you know better than that! And if you don’t, now you know! 

Average Price Range: $12-$25


Having these items on hand for your hair will make your day to day hair care routine so much easier. It will also make your hair look drop dead gorgeous in the future, don’t forget to send us pics so we can have lock envy 😍 

Are you planning to pick any of these up? What’s a must- have item you use for healthy hair?

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