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5 Tips To Detangle Your Hair Like A Pro.
Wicked Roots June 9th 2020

5 Tips To Detangle Your Hair Like A Pro.

Detangling your hair is a necessity, but for many of us it’s a true nightmare! Hair care should be high in your self care routine, which means it cannot be ignored. As much as you put it off, you’re going to have to stick a hairbrush in those gorgeous locks of yours and pray to a higher power that you don’t rip or lose tons of hair strands in the process. But we have good news for you wicked babes, you might have been detangling your hair all wrong! Yes, You read that correctly. We’re here to help you with some serious damage control. 

By following some simple tips and steps, brushing and detangling your hair can become less of a burden and lead to gorgeous, healthier locks. 

Start From Your Ends, Not From Your Roots!

This is a rookie mistake a lot of us don’t realize we’ve been making our whole lives. We promise you, starting from the roots is the easiest way to rip your hair by adding immediate pressure to where it goes from. 

Be patient and start from your end. You can also gently hold the section of your hair that you’re detangling around the middle section in the process so you’re not putting all of your strands but only the bottom half. If you haven't been doing this already it’s a MEGA GAME CHANGER. 

Use A Brush Made For Detangling

Many of us buy a hair brush or comb and automatically use it for detangling. Sure, this will work but there are even better options out there. You can buy products made specifically for tangly hair that will make the process much easier. The bristles on these brushes are different making them effective yet still gentle on your hair. It’s a worthwhile investment and quite affordable. 


Work In Sections & Use Your Fingers!

Brushing your hair like a crazy person will not make the detangling process end any sooner. We’ve found the best thing to do for your hair is to work in sections and sometimes use your fingers to separate strands before your brush. You have the power of feeling your hair when you use your fingers. Feeling your hair will allow you to work through those knots while being careful not to rip your hair. This way when you brush, it will be a lot easier. You’re welcome.  

Fight Tangles With A Silk Pillowcase

We love to recommend silk for your hair because it allows your strands to move around freely without getting all twisted up. A lot of hair tangles happen while you’re tossing and turning at night. A silk pillowcase will help keep your nighttime hair soft and smooth. 


Invest In A Good Detangling Spray

We’re shocked at the amount of people who don’t use a detangling spray in 2020. There are so many amazing options that are full of great benefits for your hair. A good detangling spray will make your hair feel slippery making it easier to brush. A great detangling spray will also have added benefits such as heat protection and ingredients that will help make your hair radiant and full of shine. 

Follow these tips and you will notice that hair loss from brushing your beautiful mane will lessen. You will also get used to this process and can make it more enjoyable by playing some of your favorite music in the background or listening to your weekly podcast. 

Are you already following these tips? Do you have a secret for detangling your hair that we should add to this list. Let us know in the comment box below. 

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