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All About Remy Hair Extensions

Cheap synthetic is out, and long-lasting high-quality is in! If you’re ready to invest in hair extensions, do it right the first time. With 100% cuticle on Remy human hair extensions, you’ll be able to bring your dream hair to life.

If you’re on the hunt for quality hair extensions, you’ve probably seen the term Remy hair pop up in your searches. Though we love the name “Remy,” those results are not referring to an individual baddie with fabulous hair. Remy hair is a major differentiator between poor-quality hair extensions and wigs from more natural, superior ones.

Attaining beautiful, healthy, and natural-looking hair is easier than ever, and it all starts with Remy. So, what is this mysterious four-letter buzzword? Read on to learn more.

Remy human hair extensions

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is considered the premium hair type in the extensions and wigs/hair replacement market. If you’re asking, “what is Remy?” or “What does Remy hair mean?” you’re definitely not the only one. Let’s break it down for you. Remy hair is a class of natural human hair in which the cuticles are untouched.This means that all the hair strands still have their cuticles intact and are flowing in the same direction.  

Why is this important?

  1. CUTICLE ON: Having the cuticle intact mimics our natural hair best, and allows for the longest lasting quality of extensions. There are many brands and companies that strip extensions of its natural cuticle and coat the hair with a silicone lining. The reason why? It is easier and therefore less expensive to process extensions and make a plethora of beautiful colors without the cuticle intact. The downside? Quality, quality, quality. While a silicone coating may appear nice and shiny right out of the package, within 2-3 washes, the extensions will feel dull and brittle. Conserving the cuticle, while it may take longer and be more expensive, is the absolute best way to ensure that your hair extensions feel just like your natural hair. 
  2. ALL CUTICLES IN THE SAME DIRECTION: This means the hair shafts remain aligned in the direction they originally grew. This is key. If the cuticles were not aligned and all facing the same direction, then they can rub against each other causing friction, leading to matting and tangling, which can become a headache to deal with. While it’s more time-consuming to source, process, and produce, the results are infinitely higher-quality and longer-lasting hair extensions. When worn right, most people will never even know those long luscious locks aren’t totally your own (It’ll be our little secret.)



Why Buy 100% Remy Hair Extensions?

As we’ve covered, Remy human hair has an intact cuticle, and the hair strands flow in one direction. But what does that mean for overall quality, durability, flexibility, and presentability? To put it simply, it means it’s all amazing. Here are several reasons people love their 100% Remy human hair extensions and wigs:

  • Tangle-free: The intact cuticles and the Remy process allow the hair to remain virtually tangle and matt-free, extending the life of the hair. (No one wants a frustrating hair brushing or combing session that ends with you picking up a pair of scissors!) Even if knots begin to form, you can gently and easily remove them with a fine comb or gentle brush. You can truly treat Remy human hair as you would treat your own.
  • Soft, shiny, and silky: As a result of the collection and manufacturing process, Remy hair remains soft, shiny, and silky. Who doesn’t love to have a good hair day every single day?!
  • Versatile: All Remy hair is a collection of 100 percent human hair, making it extremely flexible and durable. You can wash, brush, cut, style, iron, and even professionally color it without worrying about severely damaging it. However, just like natural human hair, you want to protect it to make it last. Be sure to use a heat protectant spray before styling the hair, and avoid harsh products when you’re ready to wash it.
  • Long-lasting: If treated with proper care, Remy hair can last you six months (and sometimes longer). Just know that the quality duration of Remy hair also depends on the origin of the hair, frequency of use, and maintenance routine.

Remy hair

The Best Remy Human Hair Extensions

Cheap synthetic is out, and long-lasting high-quality is in! If you’re ready to invest in Remy human hair extensions, do it right the first time. With 100% cuticle on Remy human hair clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, and band extensions, you’ll be able to bring your dream hair to life.

Find your perfect match with Wicked Roots today!


Colorful Remy human hair extensions

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