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All Redhead Needs for Hair Coloring
Haley Dagan October 15th 2021

All Redhead Needs for Hair Coloring

Redheads have more fun! But, when it comes to changing your redhead hair color, the process to choose your ideal shade may feel overwhelming. If you’re feeling a change, but don’t know where to start, we have the highlights to make it happen. These colors for redheads will give you all the vibes.

Shades of Natural Redheads

We know you’re one-of-a-kind, but having a natural redhead hair color, makes you even more special. Only one to two percent of the world’s population rocks a natural red hair color (and no two redheads are the same)!

There are six main types of natural reds, which vary by hue.

Vibrant Red: If your locks are a deeper hue of red without any brown tones, you’re most likely a vibrant red. Actress Bella Thorne’s natural hair color can be classified as this type.

Vibrant Red

Copper Red: Copper red, aka classic red, showcases a slightly lighter and more subtle shade of red color than the vibrant red. Jessica Chastain is a stunning example of a Copper Redhead.

Copper Red

Ginger Red: Does your tone lean slightly more orange? Then you probably have shades of ginger hair. This color falls between a classic copper red, and a lighter strawberry blonde. Australian beauty and comedic actor Isla Fisher sports an iconic Ginger Red look.

Ginger Red

Strawberry Blonde: Though blonde is in the name, Strawberry Blonde is still considered a redhead color. (We’re talking Emma Stone in The Favourite movie vibes.) Ultimately, Strawberry Blonde is a red hybrid with a peachy undertone. It’s technically the lightest natural shade on the redhead hair color spectrum.

Strawberry Blonde

Auburn: On the opposite end of the spectrum from Strawberry Blonde, you’ll find the Auburn shades. Auburn dimensions include darker brown and reddish hues. Debra Messing’s hair is #goals when it comes to Auburn.


Dark Auburn: This final shade of natural red is the darkest. Dark Auburn can sometimes be viewed as a deeper brown (like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s natural hair color), but it shines with that subtle presence of red in it. Check out Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Dark auburn

The Best Colors for Redheads

Now that you know all the natural shades, here’s some inspiration for a redhead transformation. Coloring red hair can be a bit of a challenge, so you’ll want a stylist who’s comfortable working with your natural color palette. It’s always easier to take your shades darker than lighter, so your starting point is key to determining what you can ultimately accomplish. If you have a specific vision in mind, we highly recommend you share it with your stylist from the beginning. Perfecting a redhead hair color is truly a work of art!

Gingerbread Hair Color

If you are a bit indecisive as to which route you’d like to take, Gingerbread Hair Color will give you it all. This color incorporates blonde, brunette, and red hues giving you envy-inducing dimension. The final result embodies a sense of warmth with a trendy ombre effect.

Pink Auburn

Achieving a completely new look, doesn’t always mean making drastic changes to your color. To all our auburn redheads looking to switch things up, Pink Auburn may be the perfect color for you. Stylists can achieve a Pink Auburn through an ombre effect, pink peekaboo highlights, or even an overall maroon color.

Blackened Red

If you’re looking to go dark, a blackened red color is a bold and beautiful choice. It’s a real head-turner in winter too! This is one of the easiest colors to achieve on red hair.

Peach Blonde

Don’t worry; we didn’t forget all our blonde color enthusiasts out there. Peach Blonde is a warm color tone that makes your skin glow from the golden shine incorporated into your hair. If you are already on the lighter side of the redhead color spectrum (like Strawberry Blonde), transforming to a peachier mane will be pretty seamless. This doesn’t mean it’s unachievable for our darker redheads - it just may take longer or even multiple appointments.;

Redhead Hair Coloring Processes

To know where to start in the hair coloring process, you’ll have to first know where you want to end. The difficulty of the task depends heavily on the particular shade of redhead you belong to when walking into the salon. Once you and your stylist go through all the best colors for redheads, you’ll make a final (and fabulous decision). Tell us in the comments below, what’s the most adventurous color you’ve had on your hair?

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