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Deep Conditioning vs. Keratin: Which Is Really Better?

When deciding on a deep conditioning treatment, what are the benefits and differences of a Brazilian blowout vs. a keratin treatment? Which one will give you the smooth, shiny hair you want – and deserve? Keep reading to find out!

You already have the best makeup and wardrobe. Obviously. Look at you. You’re stunning and have impeccable style. But if your hair is lacking shine, what’s a girl to do? Get a smoothing treatment, of course!

When deciding on a deep conditioning treatment, what are the benefits and differences of a Brazilian blowout vs. a keratin treatment? Which one will give you the smooth, shiny hair you want – and deserve? 

Brazilian Blowout vs. Keratin Basics

A Brazilian Blowout™ is the brand name of a semi-permanent protein treatment that smooths the hair. But many salons use the term “Brazilian blowout” to describe their smoothing service regardless of the formula and brand they use.

You’ll get similar results with less frizz and more shine with a keratin treatment. The main difference is that you get a very straight look with keratin vs. the blowout, which is less straight but a great option for different hair textures.

A Brazilian blowout is more customizable and can be adjusted to achieve different looks. If you don’t want your hair completely stick-straight, ask your stylist to tailor your blowout, so you maintain some of your hair’s natural curl. 

The Benefits of a Brazilian Blowout vs. Keratin Treatment

While both treatments will give you that traffic-stopping look – you know, straight, silky, gorgeous hair –  neither is a permanent solution. Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments use a deep conditioner to create a layer of protein around the hair shaft, which temporarily smooths the cuticle. 

No matter what deep conditioning treatment you opt for you’ll probably see some pretty noticeable benefits, like:

  • Improved manageability.
  • Reflective shine.
  • Humidity-proof powers.
  • Reducing daily style time. You know what that means – more time to dedicate to creating the rest of your enviable look of the day.

Can You Get These Treatments With Hair Extensions?

Yes! But...only if your extensions are real, natural human hair, like ours. The keratin and Brazilian blowout treatment chemicals will severely damage synthetic locks.

You can extend the life of your treated extensions by using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair.

What About Formaldehyde?

We have to tell you...these treatments have their fair share of controversy, mostly because the products usually contain formaldehyde (which, when combined with heat and compression, causes the keratin in the smoothing treatment to bind to your hair’s keratin, leading the hair to relax). Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong-smelling carcinogenic gas that can cause health issues. If inhaled or absorbed through the skin, it can trigger a severe allergic reaction.

There are formaldehyde-free keratin treatment conditioners, but they aren’t as common and can cost more. If you’d like to explore this healthier option, make sure you research salons and check reviews before booking an appointment. 

So Will It Be a Brazilian Blowout or a Keratin Treatment?

Treating yourself to a Brazilian blowout or a keratin treatment can be a great way to switch up your look. You deserve the best, so treat yourself. Just remember: Proper care and weekly at-home deep conditioning treatments are key to maintaining your new look, whether you deep condition your natural hair or your hair extensions.

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