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5 Influencers with amazing hair for inspiration
Mia Santini February 26th 2020

Hair Crush: 5 Influencers With Lust-Worthy Hair.

We’re always keeping our eyes open for hair goals and inspiration. It doesn’t have to be Wednesday for us to be crushing on ladies with beautiful lust-worthy locks, but nonetheless, here we are. It’s ok to be totally obsessed with your hair; you wear it every day! Therefore, you should invest in it like a boss and make sure you always feel confident about how it looks.

We have many influencers on our radar that keep their A+ game when it comes to taking care of their hair. They inspire us, and we look to them for fresh ideas when it comes to hairstyles, hair cuts, hair color, hair extensions, and more. Here are 5 of our go-to influencers with undeniable crush-worthy hair.

Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel is mainly known for her makeup tutorials on YouTube, but we can’t help but notice her fashion and luxurious locks too. If you’re looking for glamorous, elegant hair, she’s one of our go-to girls for inspiration. Carli’s hair is very sleek and shiny, which gives us total hair envy in a good way. Check out her Instagram to see the different ways she styles her hair: @Carlibel.

Natalie Off Duty

Natalie is one half of the “Suarez Sisters”. We can always recognize her by her iconic bangs. If you thought having bangs was boring, think again. Natalie has dyed her hair, constantly rocks waves, and occasionally wears it up. She’s living proof that you can do plenty of fun things with your hair if you take a leap of faith and decide to get bangs. She owns this look! Check out her Instagram for some hair & fashion inspiration: @NatalieOffDuty.

Christina - Hair Romance

All hail this hair braid queen! Christina from Hair Romance not only does beautiful braided hairstyles, but she also has a lot of fun with her hair color as well. Her profile is lots of fun and inspiring. Don’t believe us? Check her out on Instagram: @HairRomance.

Leore Hayon - The Girl Habit

Leore Hayon from The Girl Habit has waves we can stare at for days! We can’t get enough of her hair tutorials on Instagram. She’s also continually rocking accessories such as hair clips and hats that compliment her cool style. Looking for a step by step tutorial for a cute & chic hairstyle? Visit her Instagram: @TheGirlHabit. You’re very welcome!

Tiffany Ma

Last but certainly not least, Tiffany Ma from Miss Tiffany Ma. We love following her on Instagram not only for her fun travelling adventures but also for her dope hairstyles! She always has a smile on her face, and we’re happy to welcome all of those good vibes!. Tiffany knows how to make any hairstyle or color look good and her accessory game is on lock! Check out her Instagram profile for more inspiration @MissTiffanyMa.

Are you planning to make any big changes to your hair soon? Maybe a drastic cut or color? We mean, extensions always help too, so never fear! Remember to live a little. Share your favorite hair influencer with us below!


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