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Heatless Curly Hair Hacks You Have To Try.
Wicked Roots May 14th 2020

Heatless Curly Hair Hacks You Have To Try.

Curly Hair With Socks? Come Again? 

Many of us have used our time indoors these past months as a way to increase wellness and self-care, one of those things includes giving our hair a break from heat products such as curling irons and straightener; thus heatless sock curls were reborn! Heatless sock curls have gone viral on Tik Tok and have made their way over onto Instagram too. The first time we saw them over the past 2 months was from hairstylist Justine Marjan. Her before and after photos were so good, our jaws literally dropped. 

If you think it’s just her hair, get ready to go down the virtual TikTok rabbit hole while you scroll down hashtag #sockcurls (click HERE) and witness ladies who’ve ended up with gorgeous heatless curls. 

There are so many benefits to not using heat on your hair, you know, like not burning it and drying it out! To be fair, what impressed us is the quality of some on these curls. It looks a lot better than when you do traditional braids on your hair and wake up with waves that look eh, just ok. 

Have you tried out sock curls yet? Here are 3 other ways to get good looking heatless curly or waving hair. 

The Headband Method

The headband method is simple to do and has a nice outcome. These look a bit more like beach waves to us but they’re still gorgeous. Check out how Vivian V does it on the video below. 

Toilet Paper Curls

Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either. Vicky Bermudez shows us how to get super tight curls using toilet paper! And she styles it into a vintage hairdo after so, you’re welcome. 

Straw Curls

Now we know what you’re going to say, straws are bad for the environment BUT, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered because you can use biodegradable straws! Yay for the safety of turtles and dolphins! If you do have plastic straws at home already, you can reuse them many times before throwing them out which you should do in a container. Wicked Babes love protecting the environment. We were very impressed with this method which results in smaller, tighter curls. We love this video tutorial by Kayley Melissa.

Now that you've seen 4 different curls methods, which do you think you'd like to try? Sound off in the comment box below. 

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