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How To Maintain Clip It
Haley Dagan April 1st 2022

How To Maintain Clip It

Looking for tips on how to maintain your clip it hair extensions? Follow these easy steps to keep your new #hairgoals looking fresh and healthy!

Maintaining a proper care routine for your Clip It will keep the extensions looking as natural, hydrated, and healthy as the day they arrive in that fabulous iridescent clutch. Without a proper care routine, your extensions may be more prone to frizz, breakage, matting, and a dull, dry appearance. 

Follow these essential steps to ensure your hair extensions last and look absolutely fab! 

Brush It Out

  1. Make sure your hair extensions are completely dry before brushing to avoid breakage. Use brushes specifically for extensions, a wide-toothed comb, looped bristles, or a soft bristle brush.                                        PRO TIP: Using the proper brush will avoid pulling, snagging, or damage to your wefts. 
  2. When brushing, work on each Clip It weft one by one, begin at the mid-shaft, and brush downward. Gently hold the section of your hair that you are detangling to avoid pulling. 
  3. Work in sections, separating strands with your fingers to work through the knots and make brushing easier. 
  4. Move along the hair as you detangle from mid-shaft to your ends. 

Wash + Condition

  1. Always brush your dry extensions before washing. 
  2. Use cold water to help seal in moisture and keep your hair extensions looking softer and shinier.
  3. Gently shampoo starting at the end of the weft and work your way up.      PRO TIP Be sure to use shampoo and conditioners that are sulfate-free to avoid damage. Our haircare bundle covers all bases for you!
  4. Rinse thoroughly to ensure all product is out before conditioning. 
  5. Condition your extensions to lock in moisture, then rinse with cold water.  PRO TIP: It’s essential to wash and condition each weft layer individually. 
  6. Lay your extensions out or hang them to dry, ensuring they are completely dry before brushing. Or choose to blow dry and style your extensions!

Store With Care

  1. Our Clip It hair extensions should always be removed before sleeping. (Good thing they go on and come off in minutes!)
  2. After removal, brush out your extensions to keep strands in the same direction. 
  3. Store in the included reusable tote to ensure they stay protected until your next wear. 

And there you have it, baddies! Follow these easy steps to keep your new #hairgoals looking fresh and healthy. Looking for more hair care tips? This way for more content to slay your new tresses! 

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