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Mia Santini August 5th 2022

How to Make Hair Extensions Look Most Natural

Want to learn how to achieve the perfect blend with those wicked extensions? Follow our tips for ultimate upgraded locks that look healthy, strong, and natural. 

“Should I get hair extensions?” If you feel like your hair isn’t growing fast enough and needs that extra boost of thickness, you probably want to rock natural hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your hair. But the question becomes how to make your hair look longer without anyone knowing you’re wearing extensions in your layered natural hair.

It’s no surprise that the key to the most natural extensions starts with the right type of extensions and proper installation. When you choose the right (read: high-quality) natural hair extensions, everything else falls seamlessly into place.

Want the perfect blend? Follow our tips for ultimate upgraded locks that look healthy, strong, and natural.  

Tips to Blend in Natural Hair Extensions  

Blending your natural hair extensions properly starts way before you purchase your hair extensions. Knowing what to buy and how to apply your extensions makes all the difference if you want natural-looking extensions.

So where do you start? Right here! Keep reading for your hair glow-up!

Use High-Quality Human Hair Extensions

If you want natural hair extensions, using high-quality human hair extensions is a MUST! Investing in high-quality extensions saves you so much time and money. And let’s be honest: Cheaper extensions (you know, the ones made of synthetic materials) just don’t look like your natural hair. They don’t last as long either.

You won’t need to replace high-quality human hair extensions as often, and they look much, much more natural than hair extensions made of fake hair. It’s a no-brainer, right? Real hair blends with your natural hair best. Period. 

Pro Tip: When shopping for natural human hair extensions, make sure they’re 100% Remy (like all Wicked Roots hair extensions!). These are the highest quality and best natural hair extensions on the market.

Find Your Natural Hair Color Match 

You know what’s a dead giveaway that you’re wearing extensions? When your hair extensions don’t match your natural hair! No one wants to deal with that. 

To avoid any embarrassment, get at least two or three different colors that closely match your natural hair color. You can compare the colors and find the one(s) that match the best and blend perfectly with your natural hair extensions

If you’re buying hair extensions online, order some sample swatches so you can color match in person for the most accurate match. Trying to compare your color with photos online can be inaccurate because computer and phone screens can have varying contrast and saturation levels and skew the actual color. 

Pro Tip: We have a color matching quiz for our hair extensions, making the process of finding your most natural color a whole lot easier! You can order color swatches for your three best matches and compare them at home.

Get Enough Hair Extensions for a Full Head of Hair

If you skimp on the number of natural hair extensions you’re wearing, your hair can look piece-y and uneven. For thicker hair, we suggest ordering more so you can match your hair density. You won’t need as many extensions to add volume if you have more fine or thin hair though. And if you have much shorter hair and are going for a longer dramatic length, you’ll need to have enough extensions to blend over your shorter layers.

Always have extra hair on hand to see how everything looks when installing your extensions. (Better to have more than you need than not enough!) You can always save the extra strands for later, like when your current ones get worn out. 

Pro Tip: If you have layered natural hair, get at least two different hair extension lengths. This way, you can match your layered look with the right lengths for your hair. Using a variety of extension lengths will give you a natural layered look that flawlessly blends with your natural hair extensions. 

Properly Install Your Hair Extensions

Now for a little tough love: You have to learn how to apply your natural hair extensions the right way. If you don’t? Well, they’ll feel uncomfortable and look unnatural!

Each type of hair extension has a specific installation method, and some natural extensions are easy to DIY install. If you go with a clip-in (like our Clip It extensions – check out our how to apply Clip It guide!), you can apply them at home. The same goes for band-style extensions like our Band It. (Learn how to apply Band It here!) 

Pro Tip: If you’re using tape-in extensions (like our Tape It), you’ll need a professional hairstylist to install them. If your extensions are high-quality Remy human hair, you can even ask your stylist to cut and color your natural hair extensions so they match your natural hair.

Natural Hair Extensions Quality Matters

We said it before, and we’ll say it again because it’s THAT important: Hair extension quality matters! If you want that natural extensions look, invest in high-quality Remy human hair extensions. You just can’t hide hair that doesn’t look and feel real. With Wicked Roots hair extensions, we always keep it 100% real! If you want natural, stick with us, baddie. You won’t be disappointed!

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