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How to Use and Apply Your 16
Haley Dagan March 5th 2022

How to Use and Apply Your 16" Hair Extensions

In this post, we’ll talk specifically about the oh-so-trendy 16’’ hair extensions (available in three popular styles: our Clip It, our Band It, and our Tape It) and how to apply them.

It’s hard not to want long, voluminous hair – it’s envy-inducing, beautiful, and looks fabulous no matter the hairstyle. Double French braids, simple loose curls, even a high pony transforms into something out of Glamour when you’ve got long hair! 

But what if you have short hair (and love it), but want an occasional change? Are you supposed to just grow your hair out in hopes of having a long-hair moment??

If you want long tresses without the commitment (or the awkward grow-out stage), hair extensions are the perfect solution. You don’t have to wait months or even years for long-haired glory – you can simply add hair extensions and have tons of fun rocking a super natural, long-haired look! So, what are you waiting for?!

In this post, we’ll talk specifically about the oh-so-trendy 16’’ hair extensions (available in three popular styles: our Clip It, our Band It, and our Tape It) and how to apply them.

How to Apply 16’’ Clip-Ins

Here’s a full, step-by-step breakdown to make applying your 16’’ clip-ins easy peasy:

Step One: Get ready to apply your 16” clip-in extensions and brush out your natural hair.

Step Two: Apply the human hair clip-ins starting with the 3-clip wefts. Clip your hair up on the top of your head, leaving a section of the bottom most layer unclipped. Place a 6” 3-clip weft against your scalp and on top of your bottom layer of hair. Clip the weft into your hair as close to the roots as possible. Secure the middle piece first, and then the right and left sides.

Step Three: Repeat this process. Take down another layer of hair, covering your extension and lower layer, and then clip another weft into place.

Step Four: Use the 2-clip wefts to repeat the process on the sides of your hair and you’re good to go!

Whether you’re adding blonde hair clips, black hair clips, or anything in between, your new, Remy human hair clip-in extensions are sure to stun! 

How to Apply Band It Extensions

Now that you know how to apply clip-in extensions, let’s look at band extensions, step-by-step.

Step One: Get ready to apply your extensions by brushing your hair. 

Step Two: Gather the upper layers of your hair and pin them in a bun on the top of your head. Leave out a few locks at the front to frame your face.

Step Three: Stretch your extension across the hairline under your bun, and secure the clips in place. Use the clear string to secure it on top of your head. Then, carefully let your hair down. Brush out your hair to smooth everything over or blend together using a curl or wave.

As you can see, Band It is super easy to apply and gives you that long-haired look you’ve always wanted in no time!

How to Apply Tape-In Extensions

Heads up: Tape-in extensions require a bit more expertise than clip-in or band extensions, so it’s best to leave these kinds of extensions to your professional stylist. 

Here’s what you can expect:

Step One: Always begin by brushing out any tangles in your natural hair or your extensions.  

Step Two: Next, the stylist will pin the topmost part of your hair, section it, and then gently tape extensions onto your remaining layers (typically double-siding or layering the pieces).  

Step Three: The stylist will repeat the process, style your hair, and leave you looking fabulous!

How to Maintain Your 16’’ Hair Extensions

Now that your gorgeous 16’’ hair extensions are in, you have to maintain them. The best piece of advice we’ve got for the maintenance phase? Treat ‘em like your regular hair. 

When your extensions feel dirty or greasy, wash them. Use high-quality shampoo and conditioner, and brush the tangles out of your extensions carefully. Follow the steps outlined above, and you’ll make the most of your extensions! Which extensions will you be shopping today? 

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