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Celebrity Dyman Miller wearing hair extensions
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Meet New Wicked Roots Ambassador: Dyman Miller

Welcoming Dyman Millar as the newest member of our #WickedRootsFam! Dyman is a model and actress from Miami, FL, who most recently starred in Netflix’s new reality show, "Dated and Related.” Get to know more about her in this blog!

We’re so excited to welcome Dyman Miller as the newest member of our #WickedRootsFam! Dyman is a model and actress from Miami, FL, who most recently starred in Netflix’s new reality show, "Dated and Related.” Now she’s rocking her new Wicked Roots 16” Tape It hair extensions in Jet Black wherever she goes.

Get to know more about Dyman and why she uses Wicked Roots Hair for her daily glow-ups:

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi guys! Dyman Miller here. I am an actress, model, and content creator. I was born in LA but raised in Florida. Both coasts have my heart. Since a young age, I have always enjoyed the entertainment industry. I danced competitively for several years, featured in national commercials and modeling calendars. I currently spend my time between Miami and LA, pursuing acting and modeling as a full-time career, recently starring in Netflix's newest reality show.

What's the biggest challenge with your hair?

I’ve always wanted thicker hair.

What makes Wicked Roots Hair better than the rest?

Wicked Roots Hair provides one of the top qualities of extensions, and for someone who is consistently using hair products and hair tools, Wicked Roots has been the best so far!

What’s your favorite look or hairstyle?

My go-to is middle part long straight hair. I can’t get away with anything else.

Does Wicked Roots make it easier for you to get ready?

Yes! Super quick and easy to put in and out. Tape-ins are a new fan favorite, super natural looking, and not too heavy on the hair strands.

How did Wicked Roots change your views on hair extensions?

Wicked Roots made me realize that better quality hair is possible with them!

Finally, what makes you feel wickedly beautiful?

Self-confidence and self-love! Being in the spotlight isn’t always easy, and sometimes that comes with people always looking at your appearance. With Wicked Roots, I feel as confident as I can be when rocking my extensions.

Feeling inspired to join the #WickedRootsFam? We’re always looking for new baddies to represent our high-quality hair extensions. 

Apply for our Wicked Roots Ambassador program here!

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