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Pros and Cons: Blow Drying Hair
Haley Dagan July 28th 2022

Pros and Cons: Blow Drying Hair

Let’s get real: Who doesn’t feel themselves when they catch a glimpse of their flawless blow dry style in the mirror? But the question is...is blow drying your hair good or bad? Keep reading to find out!

We all LOVE that fresh-from-the-salon blow dry hair look, but is blow drying your hair bad? Well, it depends on a few things, like how often you heat style and if you apply products that protect your hair from heat damage before hitting it with that hot, hot heat.

In this post, we’ll cover: 

  • The benefits and drawbacks of blow drying your hair
  • Some surprising ways blow drying affects your hair
  • What to put in hair before blow drying
  • How to blow dry your hair to avoid damage
  • How to blow dry hair extensions

Blow Dry Hair: The Pros

Let’s get real: Who doesn’t feel themselves when they catch a glimpse of their flawless blow dry style in the mirror? When you know how to blow dry hair and it’s a staple in your styling routine, you can look and feel good every day. So, beyond that confidence boost from silky, smooth hair, what makes blow drying a positive part of your haircare routine?

It’s Easier to Style

When you blow dry hair, you have more control – and who doesn’t love that?! Air drying your hair can have unpredictable results sometimes. Cue the uneven bumps and waves that randomly pop up. Blow drying helps you get smooth, manageable hair – and gives you way more control over how your hair looks.

It Upgrades Your Look

Blow drying your hair can improve its overall appearance, whether you want a smooth, shiny, or voluminous look. If you want big hair, blow drying can add tons of volume while reducing frizz. And if you want to rock straighter strands, you can get that pin-straight look from blow drying alone. (Yep, no flat iron required!)

It Avoids Wet Hair Overnight

Love a nighttime shower? That’s cool, but hair is weaker when it’s wet, so sleeping on wet strands can cause damage and breakage while you're sleeping. And not to be gross or anything, but mold and bacteria might grow on your scalp if you hop into bed with wet hair. (Ew.) Going to bed with dry tresses is your healthiest, best bet.

It Requires Less Drying Time

Listen. You already don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. And this might be surprising, but blow drying your hair actually takes less time than air drying. If you gently towel dry your hair before whipping out your hair dryer, you can quickly dry your hair in the morning before work or in the evening before bed.

Blow Dry Hair: The Cons

Is blow drying your hair bad? Sure, there are advantages to blow drying, but it's not all good news. Here are a few reasons you might want to put down the blow dryer and give your hair a break from all that heat. 

It Could Damage Hair Texture

Blow drying your hair can totally make it more manageable and less frizzy. But it could also make your hair feel dry and rough. If you want to keep your locks looking smooth and healthy, don’t overuse the blow dryer and definitely don’t use it at very high temps.

It Can Weaken Hair Follicles

Quick hair lesson: Your hair starts growing at the bottom of a hair follicle, so keeping your follicles strong is absolutely essential for healthy hair. If you go a little overboard on the blow drying, you could damage your follicles, which might lead to hair thinning or loss. So please give your hair a break from the heat styling – you’ll notice less damage!

It Could Burn the Hair and Scalp

Look, a hair dryer can get H-O-T. So if you’re blow drying your hair at a very high temperature and blasting the same section of hair for a little too long, the answer to the question, Is blow drying your hair bad, would be YES! Too much of anything is definitely bad, especially if it means you can burn your hair or your scalp. No damaged hair cuticles and scalp irritation over here, please! Our recommendation? Always (always!) use a heat protectant before blow drying and never blow dry one spot for too long. 

It Could Cause Dull Strands 

There’s nothing wrong with loving the look of blow dry hair. We sure do! But if you rely on blow drying your locks every day, your hair might lose some of its brightness and shine over time, especially if your hair dryer is too hot. If you want to keep your hair looking healthy, shiny, and balanced, don’t overdo it with the blow dryer! 

Can You Blow Dry Hair Every Day?

So, is it bad to blow dry your hair every day? Well, honestly, any type of heat styling can damage your locks, whether you do it once a week or every day. But daily heat exposure can be especially harsh on your hair. The next time you reach for that blow dryer on back-to-back days, put. it. down. Your hair will thank you later!

We get it. Going cold turkey on the blow drying is tough. If you don’t want to stop (or can’t stop!) blow drying altogether, try to go as long as possible between blowouts. Simply Google “how to dry hair without blow dryer” and or learn how to style your hair without heating tools in this blog. And definitely embrace the low-effort, air-dried hair method for healthier locks.

Hair So Fab, It’ll Blow Your Mind

Life is all about balance. Everything in moderation, right? As long as you don’t overdo it with the heat and know how to blow dry hair properly, you can keep your hair looking fab! 

Did you know you can also heat style our #WickedRoots extensions? They’re made with 100% Remy human hair, so you can dry them like you’d usually blow dry hair. Just make sure to follow our maintenance advice (and never heat style your extensions above 350°F). Check out these tips for styling and maintaining your Band It, Clip It, and Tape It, for super cute looks for your long locks!

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