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Why Grams Aren't a Good Measure of Hair Extension Quality
Haley Dagan July 13th 2022

Why Grams Aren't a Good Measure of Hair Extension Quality

If you're confused about hair extensions grams, you’re in the right place. We’ll cover what grams of hair extensions are and some misconceptions about using grams to shop for hair extensions.

You’ve probably noticed various options for colors and lengths when choosing hair extensions, and you might’ve also seen hair extensions grams listed. If you’ve never had hair extensions before, you probably have some questions. (We don’t blame you – there are lots of options!) Let’s say you’ve decided on a length and a color, but now you’re wondering, “Wait, how many grams of hair extensions do I need?”

If you're confused about hair extensions grams, you’re in the right place. We’ll cover what grams of hair extensions are and some misconceptions about using grams to shop for hair extensions. 

What Are Hair Extensions Grams?

Hair extensions grams indicate the weight of one strand or a complete hair extension set. As a general rule, the heavier the hair, the greater the hair extensions thickness. 

A common misconception about hair extensions grams is that you should choose the highest grams available if you’re adding hair extensions for thickness. Spoiler alert: not the best choice! The ideal weight for hair extensions is around 1 gram per strand. Anything higher than that could be too heavy and cause pressure on your scalp, headaches, and even hair loss. Of course, there are exceptions – naturally thicker hair can support heavier extensions. 

Here are some standard measurements you might see when shopping by hair extensions grams in strands.

0.5g per Strand

This is a great option if you have fine, thin hair. When you just want to increase your length and aren’t as concerned about adding volume, this lighter option is perfect for your delicate strands. 

0.7g per Strand

These work best if your hair is fine to medium-thick – an amazing option for anyone who wants their hair to look natural and add extra length without upping the weight too much.  

1g per Strand

This is the most popular weight if your hair has average to medium-thickness. These strands add the perfect balance of extra length and thickness without being too heavy.

1.5g per Strand

If your hair is on the thicker side, this weight is your go-to option. But you should avoid this weight if you have thin to medium hair because it could be too heavy for your strands. 

Okay, those grams are for strands. Now let’s look at the hair extensions grams you might see listed on complete hair extension sets.

Under 100 Grams

Hair extension wefts in this weight category are a good bet if you have thin or fine hair. This weight isn’t recommended if you have a medium to thicker hair type though. (Our Tape It extensions are under 100 grams per weft and use about 4 to 6 packs per application so you can customize your look.)

100 to 160 Grams

This is the most common hair extensions grams weight and works best for anyone with a medium-thickness hair type. Hair extensions in this range blend really well if you’re looking to add volume and length. (Our Band It and Clip It extensions are in this range!)

180 to 200 Grams

These heavier hair extensions grams are best for thicker hair types. You should avoid anything higher than 200 grams because it can be way too much weight for your hair to handle. 

Why Grams of Hair Extensions and Hair Extensions Thickness Isn't an Indication of Quality

Bottom line: When you’re shopping for hair extensions, don’t go by the weight to determine quality. Just because there’s more "hair per weft" doesn't mean there are more long, full, natural hairs! This is where a lot of hair extensions brands cut corners and use shorter hairs to make the hair extensions grams higher. This helps them save money and make customers think they're getting a thicker, higher-quality product.

But there are tons of advantages of using hair extensions with longer strands, like:

  • They’re less itchy and irritating
  • They’re more comfortable for all-day wear
  • They lay flatter on the scalp to ensure easy placement
  • They’re less likely to get matted and tangled

You won’t find any shorter hairs in Wicked Roots hair extensions – we only use the longest strands on our extension wefts. And we never, ever cut corners on quality or length. You always get the highest quality hair extensions with 100% cuticle-on Remy human hair for ultimate natural volume and length.

High-Quality Strands over Hair Extensions Grams 

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Whether you go with Band It, Clip It, or Tape It, we’d love to see your new glam look on socials – just use the hashtag #WickedRootsFam. 

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