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Wicked Rewards for Our Wicked Baddies
Haley Dagan January 10th 2022

Wicked Rewards for Our Wicked Baddies

Every time you share your look, refer a friend, or purchase Wicked Roots Hair Extensions, you’ll receive points in your account. When you’re ready, redeem these points for product discounts and free shipping. Getting rewarded for rocking gorgeous hair has never been easier!

What if we told you that you deserve a reward for having amazing hair?!  

Sound too good to be true? It’s not when we’re talking about the Wicked Roots Rewards Program.

Every time you share your look, refer a friend, or purchase Wicked Roots Hair Extensions, you’ll receive points in your account. When you’re ready, redeem these points for product discounts and free shipping. Getting rewarded for rocking gorgeous hair has never been easier!

About Yours Truly 

Cheap, lifeless extensions are a thing of the past with Wicked Roots. We source and provide the finest quality Remy hair extensions, which are custom-colored to be the perfect complement to your natural hair shade and texture. Our extensions are made using real Remy human hair (read all about Remy Hair here), so they look, feel and flow like natural hair. You won’t find synthetic extensions around here! Because of the quality of the hair, your extensions will last longer and still look soft and healthy after several washes. (The good news is you can wash and style these hair extensions just like you would with natural hair!) The hair is also very easy to detangle and keep matt-free. The point of extensions is to make them not look like extensions, and Wicked Roots can help you achieve the #hairgoals of your dreams in minutes.

Get Wicked, Get Rewarded

Are you ready to pump up the volume a few notches? We love rewarding our wickedly amazing customers, and we can’t wait to have you join our squad! Earning points is easy - simply buy the extensions and accessories you adore and share the love with your friends!

Here’s how it works:


-    Sign up.

Yes, you read that right. Receive 200 points just by signing up.

-    Share the wealth.

Like us and share about us on Facebook, and then follow our account on Instagram. You’ll snag 50 points individually for each of these actions - help us get the word out about our next-level extensions. Your friends will thank you (and so will your loyalty account)!

-    Birthday bonus.

Here’s one reason to turn another year older! Earn 200 points every year on your birthday.

-    Shop ‘til you drop.

Make a purchase? Immediately earn 5 points per $1 spent.

-    Give some, get some.

Did you know that as a Wicked Rewards member, you get your own unique referral URL? When you share this code with your friends, they will receive $30 off their first order, and you will receive a $20 coupon for a future purchase. How amazing is that?!


-    Redeem your rewards.

Are you a points hoarder? You don’t have to be. Earn free shipping with just 400 points ($8 value) or 1,250 points ($25 value) for larger orders. You can also earn a price discount with your points, with 100 points equaling $1 off your merchandise.

Now let’s get to the goods.

Wicked Roots Hair Extensions

Wicked Roots offers three types of extensions for virtually every occasion: Tape It (Professional), Band It (DIY), and Clip It (DIY). Continue reading below for the 411 on these extensions, and find out which is the best style for you!

Team Tape It

Want long-lasting extensions without spending forever at the salon? It sounds like you’re on Team Tape It! Tape-In extensions use medical-grade, double-sided tape to attach to the roots of your hair. Although a professional stylist must attach them, Tape It hair extensions tend to be less time-consuming to apply than other methods. Choose from 12”, 16”, 20”, and 24” lengths. While the quality of Remy hair extensions is longer-lasting than traditional extensions, you can also extend the life of tape-in extensions by replacing the tape every few months. Our double-sided Stuck on You tape is the perfect addition.

Each set comes with 10 pieces.

Clip It Clique

Do you want high-quality extensions, but only part-time? Clip-in extensions are the solution for your nights on the town and dinner dates. Unlike other clip-in extensions, these 100% real hair pieces are comfortable, lightweight, and lay completely flat. These come in 16” or 20” lengths. Clip-in extensions are also perfect for babes who want to keep their hair routine low-maintenance, as you can put them in yourself and remove them easily with no assistance required. (Talk about an instant glow up!) If your hair is prone to damage, clip-ins can also be a great option as they are only in temporarily, and attach gently to the hair with a flexible clip that snaps in place.

Each set comes with 7 pieces:

8” Weft includes 3 clips (1 piece)
7” Weft includes 3 clips (1 piece)
6” Weft includes 3 clips (1 piece)
- 3" Weft Includes 2 clips (4 pieces)

Let’s Band It Together

Want all the attention with none of the extra effort? Discover our Band It extensions. Band It features many layers of hair attached to a flexible weft band. Instead of attaching to individual strands of hair like Tape It or Clip It, the band is applied in its entirety with a single band that sits along a single part in your hair. Like the other extensions we offer, Band It is made from real Remy hair, and the band is virtually undetectable within your hair. You can choose from 16” or 20” options. Apply these at home in seconds for instant volume. What’s not to love?

Each Band It features one Flexible mono-line band, but also comes with 3 additional bands (7.5", 8", and 8.5") for the perfect fit.

Ready to fill up your shopping bag? Sign up for our loyalty program, and then head to the shop! We can’t wait to reward you for your new look.


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