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Haircare Bundle
Haircare Bundle
Wicked Roots Hair™

Haircare Bundle

Hair's Best Friend

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Wicked Roots Hair™

Haircare Bundle


Everything you need to maximize the life of your hair extensions and keep your hair looking and feeling fresh. This trio of specially formulated haircare products prevents drying, matting, and breakage of extensions by adding moisture. Free from alcohol, sulfates and parabens.

Save $10 when you purchase the Haircare Bundle.

How to Apply

Comes with:

Lather Jacket
Cleansing Shampoo

High Maintenance
Moisturizing Conditioner

After Party
Leave In Conditioning Spray

Maintaining Extensions

Caring for Hair Extensions requires moisture and balance.
Cleanse Image
01 — Cleanse

Introducing Lather Jacket, our killer shampoo that’ll wash out the junk and leave you feeling clean and ready to take on the town. We don’t always wash our hair, but when we do, it’s with the baddest.

Moisturize Image
02 — Moisturize

Treat yourself to High Maintenance - our hella hydrating conditioner is rich in moisture and will revive the quality of your strands. Treat your hair to this frankincense infused, nutrient-focused conditioner to keep your waves in stellar shape.

Deep Condition Image
03 — Deep Condition

Whether you're going out or staying in, hydrate and practice some self care. This leave-in conditioning spray adds a nourishing dose of hydration for hair extensions. After Party dries fast and protects hair all day and all night long.

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