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Swatch It
Swatch It
Wicked Roots Hair™

Swatch It

Individual Color Swatches

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Available In 42 Colors
Jet Black

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Wicked Roots Hair™

Swatch It


Looking to find your perfect match? Wicked Roots offers individual swatch samples so you can get that perfect match at home! Swatch It is the key to getting that unmistakable combination that makes you unique.


We *highly* recommend using Swatch It or our Swatch Ring as colors may appear differently on your computer, tablet and mobile devices.

How to Apply

Swatch It's are 10" long tape wefts made from our premium Remy human hair. Get 3 free swatches when you sign up for our email list at the end of our Color Match Quiz!

How to Color Match

The Right Tools Image
01 — The Right Tools

Whether you’re a salon professional or an extensions super fan, our Swatch Ring will be your new BFF when trying to find the perfect color match. Not ready to commit? These individual Swatch It’s are a great tool to match your color at home.

That Good Lighting Image
02 — That Good Lighting

Once you’ve got your Swatch in hand, head over to a place that’s naturally lit - whether that’s outside, a sunny bedroom or your naturally lit bathroom. Clip up the top of your hair and hold the swatches against the hair behind your ears. You will want to look at the colors from the mid-shaft to the ends, as well as the root. Hair is *so* complex, and often has various hue

Your Unique Combo Image
03 — Your Unique Combo

Brush the swatches over your hair and look for that perfect blend. If you’re lengthening your existing color, aim to capture the color towards your ends. If you’re looking to darken your hair, aim to capture the color towards the root. Keep in mind - Clip It & Band It are available in one color, where Tape It is perfect for blending multiple shades.

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