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How To: Detangle Hair Extensions
Haley Dagan June 20th 2022

How To: Detangle Hair Extensions

If you want to spend less time googling “how to unknot hair extensions?” and more time rocking your gorgeous locks, follow our guide on how to detangle hair extensions. Because, yes, there’s a right way and a wrong way to detangle hair extensions!

Is trying to detangle hair extensions adding a major snag to your good hair day? The struggle is real! When you’re so over trying to detangle hair naturally, it’s time to grab your trusty detangle hair brush. But wait! You don’t want to damage your extensions, right?  

If you want to spend less time googling “how to unknot hair extensions?” and more time rocking your gorgeous locks, follow our guide on how to detangle hair extensions. Because, yes, there’s a right way and a wrong way to detangle hair extensions!

Now let’s bring those extensions back to their former smooth and tangle-free glory!

Prep Your Extensions to Detangle Hair

Before we get into how to detangle hair extensions, you have to prep your extensions if you want to avoid damaging your luscious locks.

Separate Hair Extensions from Your Natural Hair 

If you’re working with removable hair extensions (like our Clip It or Band It), remove them from your hair before detangling them. If you have semi-permanent extensions like sew-in, glue-in, or tape-in (like our Tape It), clip up your natural hair so it’s out of the way. This way, you can detangle your extensions separately instead of in one big mass.

Divide Extensions into Smaller Sections

If you try to detangle hair extensions all at once, you’re putting them at risk. Divide the extensions into smaller sections so you reduce any pulling or tugging. Then, focus on individual wefts. We suggest dividing larger wefts into two or three sections to get the tangles out even easier.

Matted Hair Extensions at Root? Use a Detangler for Extensions 

Applying a detangling spray to your extensions is especially useful if you have matted hair extensions at the root. You could also use a detangling conditioner or leave-in conditioner if your hair needs a little extra tangle TLC. (Good news: We have a conditioner specially formulated for extensions!) 

Detangle Hair Extensions Like a Pro

All right, baddies, time to get down to business. Let’s tackle those tangled tresses!

Run Your Fingers Through Your Strands

Before you even think about picking up that detangle hair brush, try to detangle hair naturally using your fingers first. This is much gentler than diving in with a comb or a brush! And getting out the less intense tangles first will make the detangling process more manageable.

Detangling Tools for Your Tresses

Okay, now it’s time to bring in the tools! For major tangles, use a wide-tooth comb. The wide spaces between the comb’s teeth gently detangle knots and prevent serious tugging. Work slowly and remember – don’t pull on your hair too much! If you don’t have a wide-tooth comb and your knots aren't too gnarly, you could also use a detangle hair brush or boar-bristle brush.

Work from Your Ends to Your Roots

Bottoms up, ladies! If you start at the bottom of your extensions, you can detangle small sections of the knot at a time, which helps avoid any damage. Work your way up to the roots, repeating the detangling process until the entire snarl is removed. Use your other hand to hold the extension just above the knot to help you resist the urge to just tug on your tresses.

Prevent Tangled Hair Extensions

Let’s be real: If you get to the root of the problem, you’ll spend less time and energy detangling your hair extensions. Here are our best detangling tips!  

Brush Your Hair Extensions Regularly

You have to brush your extensions regularly to avoid tangles – just like your natural hair. Use a hair extension brush or soft bristle brush before and after you wear your extensions. Every single time! Never (ever!) brush your hair extensions when they’re wet – you could break the fragile strands. And, if you wear your extensions often, try to brush them twice a day.

Add Moisture with a Leave-In Conditioner

Moisturized strands equal fewer tangles! Use a leave-in conditioner at least once a week to quench your tresses’ thirst. If you have semi-permanent hair extensions or wear them every day, condition them a few times a week or at least every wash so they stay nice and hydrated. 

Use Alcohol and Sulfate-Free Products 

If you have high-quality human hair extensions (like the 100% Remy Human hair we use at Wicked Roots!), you’ll of course want them to stay as tangle-free and gorgeous as the day you bought them. But! Haircare products with alcohol or sulfate can be extra drying, which makes your strands more prone to snags and tangles. So, choose your products wisely! 

Braid Your Hair Extensions

The longer your extensions, the more likely they are to tangle. It’s just a fact! But braiding them can help keep them tangle-free. If you have semi-permanent extensions, like tape-ins, you can braid them with your natural hair before you go to bed. If you have clip-in or band extensions, you can braid them before putting them in your storage clutch. A simple, loose, three-strand braid is the easiest and works best!

Healthy Tangle-Free Tresses

With a proper haircare routine and our detangling care guide, you can rest assured that your locks will last longer and stay healthy. No more skipping brushing or cursing up a storm as you work those nasty knots. Now that you know how to detangle hair extensions like a boss, nothing is standing in your way of a good hair day every day!

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