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Is Keratin Treatment Good for Hair? Everything You Need to Know
Mia Santini April 28th 2023

Is Keratin Treatment Good for Hair? Everything You Need to Know

Before you find a salon for your keratin treatment, use our guide to decide if this hair treatment is right for you!  

Are you craving smooth and shiny hair? You’re probably searching the internet for a “keratin treatment near me” as we speak. You’ve seen the gorgeous keratin treatment before and after photos, but is keratin treatment good for hair? This treatment is offered by many salons, however, whether or not it’s bad for you is a highly debated topic. With keratin on its own, the protein itself is technically good for your hair. It all comes down to the method in which keratin treatments get your hair to be frizz-free and sleek. 

Before you find a salon for your keratin treatment, use our guide to decide if this hair treatment is right for you!  

What is a Keratin Treatment? 

A keratin treatment is a chemical process used to smooth and shine frizzy hair (not to be confused with a deep conditioning treatment.) Depending on your natural hair type, this treatment will either straighten your hair completely or relax and loosen strands for those with curlier hair types. When the outer cuticle layer of your hair lifts, it can create thick and frizzy locks. When you use a keratin treatment, it smooths and seals the cuticle to prevent any frizz and breakage. Think of a keratin treatment as a protective topcoat layer for your hair.  

You can expect a keratin treatment to last from a few weeks up to six months. Keep in mind that these treatments are different from chemical relaxers which are permanent. Keratin treatment fills the porous parts of your hair with protein to make it feel smoother. This is only a temporary effect on your hair cuticles that washes out over time.  

When researching “keratin treatment near me,” you’ll probably come across a few different names, such as Brazilian Blowout or other branded methods and formulas. Usually, your stylist can customize a blended formula for your specific hair needs. You’ll want to ask your stylist if the keratin treatment formula they use is formaldehyde-free (more on this later!) The average keratin treatment cost can range from $200 to $600, depending on the formula, hair length, and thickness. 

How Does a Keratin Treatment Work? 

 At your salon appointment, your stylist will first wash your hair and then either apply the keratin treatment to your wet hair or after blow drying. If they choose to do the wet hair application method, they’ll let the formula saturate your strands for about half an hour before rinsing. Some stylists choose to blow-dry the hair first and then apply the treatment. This all depends on the stylist you go with and your unique hair needs.  

The keratin treatment is activated by heat, so your stylist will go over any coarse strands with a flat iron where the treatment needs to be sealed. The whole process for a keratin treatment depends on the formula, your stylist, your hair length, and texture. Expect to be at the salon anywhere from two to four hours.   

Are Keratin Treatments Safe? 

If you decide to get a keratin treatment, some versions release formaldehyde when heated. Many newer versions available are formaldehyde-free, but trace amounts still can occur when heating. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, so this is up to you when deciding on getting this treatment. Although it’s said the level of formaldehyde released is small, there is still a risk of exposure to it, and it should be applied in well-ventilated areas.  


When you search for a keratin treatment near me, see if they offer formaldehyde-free formulas. Always stay informed, find out how long your stylist has been doing keratin treatments, and ask to see the ingredient list for the formula. Requesting a formaldehyde-free treatment is your best bet, as they’re much safer than traditional keratin treatments. They might not last as long or be as vibrant as the formaldehyde formulas, which is something to consider. 

 So, is keratin treatment good for hair? Formaldehyde content aside, keratin treatments fill your hair follicles with keratin, an essential hair protein. With that, your hair will appear healthier due to the replenishment of this protein. If you want to stay on the safe side, look for keratin treatments that contain glyoxylic acid, which doesn’t turn into a formaldehyde gas when heated.   

Choose What’s Best for Your Hair

Before searching for a keratin treatment near me, it comes down to deciding if it's right for you and your hair needs. If you’re sensitive to any of the chemicals or want to stick to more natural treatments, this might not be your best option. If you already have damaged, super fine, or brittle hair, consult your stylist before considering a keratin treatment to avoid further damage to your strands. 


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