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Mia Santini August 22nd 2022

Tips and Tricks for Dyeing Your Hair Extensions

Feeling brave and want to learn how to dye hair extensions, we’re here to help you become a true DIY baddie!

We’ve all been there. We’re bored with our current hair color and think, “Should I dye my hair?” It’s totally refreshing to switch things up and go for a new color. But if you have hair extensions, you may have to dye them to match! 

Which probably leaves you with a few questions:

  • How should I dye my hair extensions?
  • What do I need to dye my hair?
  • Can synthetic hair be dyed?

If you’ve never dyed your hair at home and you’re thinking about dying hair extensions for the first time, you might want to enlist the help of a hairstylist—especially if you’re going from dark to light (or a more extreme color transition). 

But if you’re feeling brave and want to learn how to dye hair extensions, we’re here to help you become a true DIY baddie!

Can You Dye Hair Extensions?

Short answer: Yes, you can dye hair extensions! (Yay!) But, before you get started, take a look at the kind of hair extensions you have. There’s a difference between dyeing human hair and synthetic hair!

All right, you can dye hair extensions, but can you dye synthetic hair extensions? Technically, this is another yes. But you can’t use regular hair dye because there's no natural cuticle to hold the color. If you try to use hair dye on synthetic hair extensions, you either won’t see any color change or you’ll damage the hair. Now, it’s possible to add color using fabric dye or food coloring, but the color usually fades away after washing your extensions a few times. 

A more viable option is figuring out how to dye hair extensions made of human hair. If you have human hair extensions, find out if they’re 100% Remy human hair. Wondering, “Can you dye Remy hair?” Yes, you can! And it’s actually the option that will get you the best results (though it may void the warranty). Remy hair is the highest-quality hair extension available and can be dyed just like your natural hair. That’s because all the cuticles are intact and facing the same direction so it holds the color much better than lower-quality hair extensions.  

Made it this far? Ready to learn how to dye hair extensions? But don't want to spend hours searching “how to dye my hair extensions?” Your answers are ahead! 

How to Dye Hair Extensions

Time for the fun part! You’ve decided your answer to “Should I dye my hair?” is an empathetic YES. Your next question is: “How should I dye my hair?” Keep reading because we’ve got the perfect at-home guide that will teach you how to dye hair extensions so you can change up your look with a fun new style!

Step 1: Choose Your Color

Step away from the drugstore box color! Baddies should always opt for a color and developer from a professional line. Make sure you buy enough dye so you won’t run out during coloring. While you’re shopping, grab some gloves, a color bowl and brush, plastic wrap, a detangling comb, and a towel. 

Step 2: Apply the Hair Dye

After mixing the color, use the brush to coat each weft with hair dye. Apply downward from the top of your hair extensions to the ends. (Applying upward is a no-no! It can cause damage and frizz!) Saturate the strands completely on both sides. 

Step 3: Process the Color 

Loosely cover your hair extensions with plastic wrap to prevent the color from drying out. Check out the manufacturer's instructions for the processing times. They usually range from 20 to 40 minutes. 

Step 4: Rinse the Color Out 

Wash your extensions with cold water at low pressure while running your fingers through them. Keep rinsing the strands until all the excess dye is gone. Shampoo and condition your hair extensions with sulfate-free products that are color-safe and finish with a leave-in conditioning spray to lock in moisture. 

Step 5: Comb and Let Dry 

Place a towel down on a flat surface and lay your hair extensions on it to dry. Use a comb to gently brush out any tangles. Avoid using a blow dryer and allow your extensions to air dry before styling and wearing them. 

Get Colorful with Wicked Roots 

Are you thinking about dyeing our Wicked Roots Hair extensions? No worries – it’s totally safe because all of our extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair! Just make sure you follow our advice on how to dye hair extensions properly, and you’ll be a pro in no time!  (If you feel a bit overwhelmed, you can always enlist the help of a professional. That way, you’ll avoid any color mishaps or damage.) Please note that dying Wicked Roots Hair Extensions will void the warranty, so make sure to dye the hair with care.

Maybe you’re not ready to tackle dying hair extensions. That’s okay! Wicked Roots carries 42 different shades, so you can find your perfect match without worrying about dyeing your strands. (Our color quiz will guide you in the right direction!)

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