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Top Hair Extension Application Methods Explained
Mia Santini July 24th 2023

Top Hair Extension Application Methods Explained

Use this guide to decide which of the various types of hair extension methods would work best for your specific hair goals. Whatever you choose, get ready for your hair makeover ahead!

Are you thinking about getting hair extensions? If you’re not sure which type is right for you, keep reading, we’ve got you covered! When deciding between the different types of hair extensions, each has its unique application method. So first off, there are two main types of hair extension methods you need to know: temporary and semi-permanent. 

If you want easy to apply hair extensions, temporary hair extensions are those you can do yourself at home (super convenient!) For the longest lasting hair extension method, semi-permanent hair extensions will transform your tresses and stay put for a while, but keep in mind that a professional stylist must apply them at the salon.

There are a few different hair extension methods and hair extension types, whether you’re applying them at home or the salon. Use this guide to decide which of the various types of hair extension methods would work best for your specific hair goals. Whatever you choose, get ready for your hair makeover ahead!

Hair Extension Methods at Home

If you’re more of a DIY baddie, this hair extension method is for you! You can apply these types of hair extension methods in the comfort of your home, with no salon required. Now the question is, which of the different types of hair extensions is right for you?

Clip In Extensions

These extensions are a super popular DIY method to pump up the volume and length of your strands. Without much effort at all, you can clip these in for a night out and take them out before bed. Our Clip It extensions are extra comfortable with lightweight clips that easily attach to your hair in seconds. 

Band Style Extensions

If you’re looking for a style that doesn’t put as much weight on your strands, this type of hair extension will be your best bet! These are attached with a thin band that sits at the crown of your head with clips along the mesh attached to the hair wefts. Our Band It extensions are a one-step quick fix for long locks and comfortable wear that you can apply when looking for a hair glow-up. 

Hair Extension Methods at The Salon

When you’re ready to commit to hair extensions that you won’t have to apply and reapply daily, enter semi-permanent hair extension options! These types of hair extension methods require a professional stylist to apply them for the best results. You’ll be able to wear these different types of hair extensions for a longer period of time before having to get them reapplied.

Tape In Extensions

These extensions are applied to your natural hair with double-sided extension tape that’s attached to the hair extension wefts. Our Tape It extensions are known for their ease of application and lightweight comfort. When you make your appointment at the salon for your tape-in extensions, expect them to take about an hour to apply a full head. You’ll need to make another salon appointment every 4-6 weeks to get your extensions reapplied, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Weft Extensions 

As for the longest lasting hair extension method, weft extensions that are applied with various methods usually only need to be adjusted every 6-8 weeks. For proper application, a stylist needs to apply your weft hair extensions. Whether you have hand-tied weft or machine-made weft extensions, the application will vary depending on which stylist you choose. Some common methods of application include sew-in, braided, and beaded row. Based on your specific hair type, your stylist will help you figure out how many rows and wefts you’ll need for the best overall blend.

Try Different Types of Hair Extensions Methods

The types of hair extension methods you ultimately choose are up to your personal preference and what works best for you. Go ahead and try different hair extension methods to see what you prefer to help you decide what you’re feeling and what you’re not so crazy about!

If you’ve never had hair extensions before, we recommend trying one of the temporary DIY methods to start. This way, you can give hair extensions a test trial and not have to commit! Our Band It and Clip It are super easy to apply and take out when you’re done rocking your lengthy strands. You can also heat style them since all of our hair extensions are made of high-quality, 100% Remy human hair

Already a hair extension veteran? Go for semi-permanent hair extensions if you’ve tried temporary hair extensions before and want something you can leave in for a few weeks at a time. Our Tape It hair extensions are a great option to see how you like semi-permanent hair extensions without breaking the bank!

If you need help deciding which of the different hair extension methods is right for you, send us an email at info@wickedrootshair.com or leave a comment below. Our hair experts are here to help you find the hair of your dreams!

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