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Various celebrities who are known to wear hair extensions
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Celebrities Who Wear Extensions

If you’re looking for hair inspo, our list of celebrities with hair extensions will prepare you for your long and voluminous glow-up red-carpet hair moment!

Ever wonder how celebrities' hair looks amazing all the time? No, they aren’t just born with always flawless thick and super-long hair (having stylists help!) They use hair extensions to achieve those paparazzi-ready strands for their close-up at any given moment. Celebrities with hair extensions can rock head-turning long locks with volume for days. 

Are you able to spot celebrities who use hair extensions? Most of the time, if their hair looks much longer and fuller one day than the next, it’s pretty clear to tell between celebrities with extensions and those without (which honestly have probably still used hair extensions at some point!) 

Let’s start by highlighting some of the biggest celebs with hair extensions so that you can rock star-studded strands worthy of red-carpet moments for your own hair inspo!

Celebrities with Hair Extensions

Celebrities with extensions is definitely not a new trend. Everyone from actors to singers popular with Millennials to Gen-Z have all tried hair extensions or use them regularly. In fact, some celebs with hair extensions may have never been seen without wearing them! 

Here’s our list of some of the hottest celebs that add hair extensions to their beauty routine:


Lindsay Lohan



We all remember Lindsay’s trademark red strands from her childhood movies to her teen years. Unfortunately, over time she dyed her hair from blonde to brown and everything in between that she damaged her natural locks. As reported by Glamour, now she opts for hair extensions to give her hair a thicker and healthier appearance.

Selena Gomez



With her ambitious actor-turned-singer career, she always needs her hair to look on point. This former Disney Channel star has admitted to achieving her full locks using hair extensions (Marie Claire showcases her new lengthy extensions.) Her natural hair falls slightly below her shoulders, so hair extensions help to revive her tresses.

Jennifer Lopez



J-Lo seems to never age and always looks flawless, along with her signature long and wavy strands (though as reported by Cosmopolitan her natural hair is a cute shoulder length look.) Her secret to transforming those tresses? Yes, you guessed it! Her team of styling professionals uses hair extensions to keep her mane up to par for this diva’s look.



Rising to fame with her blockbuster films, Zendaya is known for boldly switching up her look with hair extensions according to People. We’ll see her in a role or on the red carpet with a short bob and suddenly with ultra-long curls for her next appearance (here’s how to blend extensions with short hair). No matter what look she’s rocking, her hair extensions glow up her strands for every occasion.

Paris Hilton



Paris is known as the hair extension queen as she uses them for her signature look as reported by Cosmopolitan. Her platinum blonde hair has always kept the same hue to achieve her Barbie doll aesthetic. She swapped her shoulder-length strands for long locks with hair extensions—now that’s hot.




We love how Rihanna constantly changes up her look with her fashion and hair. One day she’ll be showing off an ultra-short style, and the next, she’s looking fierce with lengthy curls. To keep up with her creative vision, hair extensions and wigs help her pull off new and exciting strands as showcased by Cosmopolitan.

Chrissy Teigen



Chrissy keeps it real, and she’s even spilled the tea on Snapchat by showing off her hair extensions. She’s debuted her natural hair length on Instagram before as reported by Cosmopolitan. Hair extensions bring her hair back to its former glory with voluminously curly locks.

Nicki Minaj



If you know Nicki, you’re always expecting a new fashion-forward style with her every move. We love her creativity with her different hairstyles, lengths, and colors. According to Refinery29, she uses hair extensions and wigs to embody fierce and fabulous looks to reinvent herself for every album she releases. 

Kim Kardashian


 You know this list wouldn’t be complete without a Kardashian mention! Kim’s natural hair falls slightly above her shoulders as reported by US Weekly, but she changes her hair length and color often. She’s known to wear hair extensions and wigs to keep up with her influencer-styled super-long locks.

Ariana Grande

 Besides being known for her sky-high vocals and love songs, Ariana’s signature long ponytail is iconic in her overall style (and is created by the help of extensions according to Cosmopolitan). She has admitted that while filming her TV show "Sam & Cat,” they dyed her hair red so many times that her hair is fried. Her natural hair is shoulder-length, and she uses hair extensions for her signature ultra-long pony.

Get the Celebrities with Hair Extensions Look  

If these celebrities with extensions can show off Hollywood-worthy locks, why can’t you?

Get shiny strands that are camera ready with Wicked Root’s 100% Remy human hair extensions. Most celebs with hair extensions use exclusively real human hair extensions! Why is that? Well, human hair extensions are lightweight, comfortable, super soft, and feel just like your natural hair.


Which of these celebrity hair extension looks is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

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