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A Wicked Roots Hair Color Ring which is used to color match hair for hair extensions
Mia Santini March 20th 2023

Color Matching with Wicked Roots Hair: Stylist Edition

Color matching hair doesn’t have to be complicated! With Wicked Roots hair color matching hair extensions is easy with our color matching quiz and Swatch Ring.

If you’re a hairstylist, you’ve likely had plenty of experience matching hair color to skin tone for clients that ask, “which hair color suits me best?” But what about color matching hair extensions? If the color doesn’t match, you’ll have difficulty blending the hair extensions properly, making it obvious your client has hair extensions in. This is why color matters! Color matching hair extensions to your client’s natural hair color is an integral step in the process.


When you use Wicked Roots Hair extensions, we make it easy to find the right shade for your clients. With 42 multidimensional colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find that perfect match! From our Swatch Ring to our easy-to-use color matching quiz, we’ve got the stylist tools to make your life easier when color matching hair. 

Now, onto our ultimate step-by-step guide to color matching hair extensions:

Step 1: Color Matching Hair Consultation

As your client takes a seat in your chair, they might ask you, “which hair color suits me best?” Time for the consultation! Get an idea of exactly what they’re looking for. This step is crucial when the client wants to dye their natural hair and get hair extensions to match a custom color. Are they looking to add dimension to their hair? Suggest choosing a few different shades for mixing and matching tape-in extensions (this works well with our Tape It extensions!)

Our colors come in various shades, including blonde, brown, black, red, and ombre hues. A unique part of our hair is that it comes as a multi-tonal blend. That means each color has subtle highlights and lowlights to give extra dimension and flawlessly blend with your client’s natural hair color.

Step 2: Color Matching Hair Extensions Swatch Ring

Our color matching hair Swatch Ring has all 42 shades of Wicked Roots Hair extensions available. The best part? These swatches are made with the same high-quality 100% Remy human hair used in our hair extensions. This ensures your client knows exactly which color of our extensions will blend the best with their natural hair. 

Find the best lighting in the salon, usually by a window or door, to get that natural light (or even step outside to get that bright light!) You can also use various indoor lighting to see how well it blends and adds dimension to your client’s hair. The most important thing here is that you have good lighting to get an accurate match for color matching hair extensions.

Step 3: Color Matching Quiz 

Once your client has a general idea of what color they need to match their hair, have them take our color matching quiz. This will ask them questions about their natural hair to match them with the three closest shades that will work best for them. Using this tool makes the process quick and easy when color matching hair extensions.

Step 4: Compare Swatches for Color Matching Hair

Once you’ve found a nice and bright spot, clip up the top layer of your client’s hair and compare the color swatches against the hair behind their ears, paying close attention to the color from midshaft to ends. To get the most accurate read, examine all of the hues in their hair – from their roots to their ends.

If your client wants their existing color to last longer, match the color closer toward the ends of their hair. If they want to darken their hair, match it closer to the color of their roots. Brush the hair swatch into the natural hair to blend the hues and get the most accurate idea of which shade blends the best. 

Color Matching Hair Made Easy with Wicked Roots

And there you have it, the perfect color-match blend for your hair extension clients. Bookmark our color matching hair extensions guide for your next hair extension appointment to get the best color match possible. Your clients will be thrilled with the results!

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