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The Best Hairstyles with Bangs Based on Face Shape
Mia Santini March 29th 2023

The Best Hairstyles with Bangs Based on Face Shape

 If you’re wondering what bangs should I get? We’ve got your style advice for the best hairstyles with bangs that are most flattering for each face shape. 

To bang or not to bang, that is the question! When you want to change your current look, there’s something nostalgic and fun about hairstyles with bangs. Maybe, it’s remembering the school photos where we all had bangs in elementary school. Or it could be the early 2000s with the side-swept bang trend. 

 If the thought has crossed your mind, you’ve probably wondered, “can I get bangs with my face shape?” or “what bangs should I get?” These are valid questions, as different types of bangs suit particular face shapes best. Before you head to the salon (or try to cut your own hair), do your research on hairstyles with bangs that’ll be most flattering on you. 

 Don’t be afraid to try a new look, whether it’s long hair with bangs or short hair with bangs. After all, hair will always grow back! Sure, the growing out bangs process isn’t the most glamorous. But who knows, bangs might be exactly the style you need for a fresh new look. Plus, there are so many cute ways to style bangs. With our expert tips, we’ll help you decide which bangs to get!  

What Bangs Should I Get with My Face Shape? 

 When you’re in the salon chair, ready to take the plunge with bangs, your stylist will ask how you want your hair cut. It’s a good idea to have some sort of reference to what you’d like your hairstyles with bangs style to be. Generally, your hairstylist can help you decide what cut will look best for your face shape, but it always helps to look at different styles first before making that appointment

 Start here for bangs inspo based on face shape:  

Oval Face Shape 

 Most hairstyles with bangs work well for oval face shapes since adding or softening angles isn’t necessary. Bottleneck bangs are shorter in the middle and gradually gain length down the side, which frames the eyes perfectly in oval face shapes. Since you can play around with different looks, try a bold style like medium bangs that are slightly longer than micro bangs. Another look that you can try is blunt bangs with a softer edge which help to balance out your face shape.   

Round Face Shape 

 With the round face shape, the widest points are equal to the length without any sharp angles.  

The goal with styling this face shape is to add some definition to your features. Choppy and angular hairstyles with bangs are especially flattering on round face shapes. If you’ve asked yourself, “should I get curtain bangs?” this is the perfect face shape for them! Curtain bangs will help frame round face shapes with bouncy and sleek strands. Sideswept bangs also work well to create more length in your face. Another way to visually elongate your face is with blunt micro bangs that leave plenty of space between your bangs and brows.  

Heart Face Shape 

 If you have a heart-shaped face, hairstyles with bangs that add fullness to the jaw area, like a blunt A-line cut or side part, are ideal. Long hair with bangs that are side swept is the ultimate pick for this face shape. Another option would be feathery baby bangs that hit the middle of your forehead to draw attention to your eyes. You can also try 70s-inspired crescent-shaped bangs that are longer at the outer edges and slightly shorter in the middle. If you’re looking at short hair with bangs, wispy bangs on a pixie cut or bob will pull the look together.  

Square Face Shape 

 Looking at square face shapes, the widest points of your face are equal to the length with a sharp jawline. Hairstyles with bangs will soften up your angular features, such as long hair with bangs paired with face-framing layers. With a square face shape, the answer to “should I get curtain bangs?” is yes! Think long-layered bangs that will make your hair look fuller and help balance your face shape. Alternatively, you can aim to bring attention to your eyes with A-shaped bangs with tapered ends that create angles.  

Try Hairstyles with Bangs for a New Look  

 You never know what hairstyles with bangs you might completely love if you never give them a chance! Look for inspiration all around you with celebrities, friends, and family that rock bangs. No matter if you have long hair with bangs or short hair with bangs, you can play around with the versatility of different styles based on your face shape. Elevate your new look with Wicked Roots Hair™ extensions for that added volume and length to complement your hairstyles with bangs

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