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Mia Santini March 13th 2023

How to Apply and Style Your 16 Inch Clip-In Extensions

If you’ve never had extensions, you’re probably wondering how to put clip in extensions in your hair and how to style your clip in hair extensions. We’ve got your step-by-step clip in hair extensions guide, so you’ll become an expert on how to put in clip in hair extensions and style them! 


Now that you’ve got your 16-inch Clip It extensions (yay!), get ready for your hair glow-up! These are super easy hair extensions to apply with high-quality Remy human hair that blends flawlessly with your natural strands. We love the 16-inch length that falls right at the bra strap for extra length and volume. This length is a popular choice as it allows for versatility with styling. 

If you’ve never had extensions, you’re probably wondering how to put clip in extensions in your hair and how to style your clip in hair extensions. We’ve got your step-by-step clip in hair extensions guide, so you’ll become an expert on how to put in clip in hair extensions and style them! 

How to Put Clip in Extensions in Your Hair 

 If you’re looking for easy hair extensions, clip in extensions are the way to go! The DIY convenient clips allow you to apply your extensions with ease. Not sure what to do with clip in hair extensions? Use our clip in hair extensions guide below to learn how to use clip ins and get the hair you’ve always wanted! 

Here’s how to apply our Clip It hair extensions: 

Step 1: Prep for Extensions 

First up, get rid of any tangles in your natural hair and the extensions using a brush that will be gentle on your strands.  

We recommend using a paddle brush or sectioning comb for this step to keep your hair healthy by preventing breakage.   

If you want a more secure base before applying your extensions, tease your natural hair at the root.   

Step 2: Start with the 3-Clip Wefts 

Start 1.5 inches away from the nape of the neck. Using a rat tail comb, section a straight, thin, horizontal row of hair and clip the rest up.   

Take the 6” 3-clip weft and measure the weft against your head to ensure a secure fit. Find the center of your head and clip the middle clip into the roots of your hair.  

Clip as close to the roots as possible, but make sure it fits comfortably. 

Once the middle clip has been secured, clip the left and right sides, pulling the weft taut. The same process will apply for every weft section, moving upward.  

Step 3: Continue Up the Back of the Head 

Continue sectioning with the 7” weft, then 8” weft in neat horizontal rows about an inch above the prior clipped weft. 

Working from the center of the weft, clip the middle clip into the roots of your hair.  

Once the middle clip has been clipped in, clip the left and right side, pulling the weft taut each time. 

Step 4: Move to the Sides 

Once you have used all of the 3-clip wefts, use the 2-clip wefts on the sides. Start by separating a straight, thin section of the hair about two inches above the ear. 

Take a 3” 2-clip weft and secure the clip closest to your hairline first, then secure the second clip closer to the back of your head.  

Be sure to stay two fingers away from your hairline.  

Repeat the same process on the other side of your head and ensure both sides are even. 

How to Style Your Clip in Hair Extensions 

Are your clip in extensions applied and ready to go? Now for the fun part—it’s time to style your hair! You’ve got that extra length and volume to play with that’ll enhance any look you choose. Will you go for a hair-up or hair-down look? Either way, you can’t go wrong with easy hair extensions like our Clip It extensions. 

High Ponytail  

Yes, you can wear a high ponytail with Clip It extensions! This sleek look allows you to show off your new volume and length. Wear this style with your hair slicked back or with your fringe in full force. Put your hair up in a silk scrunchie for that throwback 90s vibe, or use a small piece of your hair to cover your hair tie for a more polished touch.    

Mermaid Waves 

This look has been trending as the new alternative to the classic beachy loose waves. Take your hair to the next level by investing in a waver tool or three-barrel curling iron. This way, you’ll get those ultra-textured waves with your fresh long locks. Remember to always use a heat protectant spray and never exceed 350° F when heat styling your hair (you can also try some heatless wave techniques!) 

Half-Up Half-Down 

Can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down? This style is the perfect compromise! We love this look for wedding hairstyles as it gives off that chic elegance you want for special events. You can customize this look by adding curls, top knots, or braids to make this style your own. 

Looking for more easy hair extensions style and inspo? Make sure to follow @wickedrootshair on Instagram for all of your hair needs! 

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