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Top Shades of Black Hair Extensions for The Perfect Match
Mia Santini August 16th 2023

Top Shades of Black Hair Extensions for The Perfect Match

Ready to add volume with our black clip in hair extensions? Or add extra-long length with our tape in extensions for black hair? With two classic shades of black hair extensions and three darker brown shades, Wicked Roots Hair™ is here to give your locks a glow-up!  

Hello, Wicked baddies, join us on the dark side! We’re showcasing our deep, bold, and sultry dark shades with black hair extensions that are all the rage. If you’re a natural black or dark brown-haired beauty, your hair strands have a fullness and shine that’s unmatched!  

Did you know that dark hair is the most common hair color in the world? Black and brown hair shades are estimated to make up 75% of the population worldwide. In the U.S., 85% of people have black hair, 11% brown, and the rest are a small percentage of other colors, such as blonde or red hair. That’s a massive majority of gorgeously dark hair that we absolutely love! 

Ready to add volume with our black clip in hair extensions? Or add extra-long length with our tape in extensions for black hair? With two classic shades of black hair extensions and three darker brown shades, Wicked Roots Hair™ is here to give your locks a glow-up!  

Which Black Hair Extensions Are Right for Me? 

Each shade of dark hair has its own subtle differences. Some are more on the dark black spectrum. Others might have a dark chocolate hue with hints of brown. Whether you have a purely black or more of a deep brown undertone, see which black hair extensions work best for your hair!  

Jet Black 


Dark Brown 

Dark Chocolate 

Dark Chocolate Ash 

We’re obsessed with these deep and dark shades! AtWicked Roots Hair™, we have three types of hair extensions to choose from for your black hair extensions. Clip It™ for black clip in hair extensions, Tape It™ for black tape in hair extensions, andBand It™ for black band-style hair extensions. Each style has all 42 of our shades available, including our five darker colors to choose from. But how can you be sure which color will blend best in your hair? Let’s find your perfect shade with our easy color-matching guide ahead!  

Color Matching Your Black Hair Extensions 

Since these dark hair color shades have very subtle tone differences, your best bet is to compare a few different colors to your natural hair. This way, you can be sure the color of your black hair extensions will seamlessly blend with your tresses! So where do you begin? 

Start with these easy steps for color-matching black hair extensions:   

- Take our quick color match quiz to help you narrow down your options.  

- At the end of the quiz, you’ll be matched with three of your closest shades. 

- Place an order for your three swatch samples to compare at home (these three swatches are FREE when you sign up for our emails after you finish the quiz!) 

- When you receive your hair samples, use natural lighting for the most accurate blend. 

- Clip up the top layer of your hair and compare the color swatch against the hair behind your ears, looking at the color from midshaft to ends. 

- Brush the hair swatches into your natural hair to blend and compare shades.   

Once you’ve figured out which swatch most closely matches your color, you can choose which black hair extensions to order!  

Haircare Tips for Black Hair Extensions 

Now that you’re rocking your new look, you want to ensure your black hair extensions stay shiny and healthy for as long as possible! Whether you’re feeling fresh with your black band-style extensions, black tape in hair extensions, or black clip in hair extensions, you can’t go wrong with any style you choose.  

Follow these tips to maintain the luster and shine of your black hair extensions

- Use gentle brushes such as a wide-tooth comb, looped bristle, or soft bristle brush for your black hair extensions.  

- Wash your extensions with a sulfate-free and alcohol-free cleansing shampoo followed byhydrating conditioner.   

- Don’t overwash your hair, as this can fade the color of your black hair extensions over time. Stick to washing 1 to 2 times a week if possible.  

- When drying your black hair extensions, towel dry and then let air dry. If you want to blow dry, always apply a heat protectant first.  

- Keep heat styling to a minimum (or try heatless styling.) If you plan to heat style, use the lowest setting and never exceed 350°F.   

- Avoid overusing sticky hair products such as hair spray, hair oil, hair gel, or hair wax. These products can affect the lifespan of your black hair extensions (they can also damage the adhesives on black tape in hair extensions!) 

Give us that fierce hair flip as you transform your tresses with black hair extensions by Wicked Roots Hair™. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your social posts with #WickedRootsFam. We want to see all of you in your fab new set of extensions! 

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