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Blonde Hair Extensions: Pick Your Perfect Shade
Mia Santini May 1st 2023

Blonde Hair Extensions: Pick Your Perfect Shade

Whether you’re already blonde or thinking about going blonde, we’ll cover ALL of the shades of hair extensions for blonde hair we offer and help you decide which color match works best for you.   

The rumors you’ve heard are true. Blondes do have more fun—with our Wicked Roots Hair blonde hair extensions! We still love our brunette baddies and ravishing redheads, but this one’s for the blondies out there. Having blonde hair, there are so many different blends and variations you can play with.   

Forget about blonde moments meaning anything negative. Let’s rebrand to a blonde moment to be positive! When you get your fresh set of natural blonde hair extensions that brighten up your day—that’s the new blonde moment

Whether you’re already blonde or thinking about going blonde, we’ll cover ALL of the shades of hair extensions for blonde hair we offer and help you decide which color match works best for you.   

What Blonde Shade is Right for Me? 

Will you choose bright platinum or dirty blonde? How about a golden ombré or bronde? See what color best matches your natural hair, or have fun with dimensional color added to your strands. Wicked Roots Hair carries 25 different shades of blonde hair extensions, which is more than half of our 42 color shades available! So, it’s safe to say we’ll have hair extensions for blonde hair that matches your look. 

Here's the official list of all our blonde hair extensions shades:  



Light Bronde 

Ash Blonde 

Dirty Blonde 

Medium to Light Blondes 

Dimensional Blonde 

Goldie Blonde 

Butter Blonde 

Pale Blonde


Honey Blonde 

Beach Blonde 

L.A. Blonde 

Platinum Blonde  

Ombré Blondes 

Bronde Ombré 

Golden Ombré 

Almond Ombré 

Butter Ombré 

L.A. Blonde Ombré 

Butterscotch Ombré 

Pale Ombré 

Platinum Ombré 

Dirty Blonde Ombré  

Dark Root Blondes 

Goldie Blonde + Almond Root 

Pale Blonde + Bronde Root 

L.A. Blonde + Dark Chocolate Root 

Platinum Blonde + Ash Blonde Root 

Now that you know the shades, next is deciding what type of hair extensions are best for your hair. It all depends on your hair needs and how you plan to wear your extensions. We have three types of hair extensions to choose from for your blonde locks: Clip It™, Tape It™, and Band It™. Each one has all of our shades for blonde hair extensions, so it’s up to you which style you choose! 

Color Matching Hair Extensions for Blonde Hair 

Ready to find blonde hair extensions that flawlessly blend with your natural strands? Most blonde hair, whether it’s natural or dyed, will have various tones and hues. It’s essential to compare a few different shades that are most similar to your hair for the best results. 

Follow these easy steps for color-matching blonde hair extensions

  • Take our color match quiz to see which shades most closely match your natural hair. 
  • Place your order for swatch samples based on your results to use for color matching at home. 

 PRO TIP: We recommend ordering at least three different swatches—when you sign-up for our emails, you’ll get a code for three FREE swatches! 

  • Once those hair color samples arrive, try to find natural lighting by a window, door, or even outside.  
  • Clip up the top layer of your hair and compare the color swatch against the hair behind your ears, paying close attention to the color from midshaft to ends. 
  • Brush the sampleinto your natural hair to blend and compare shades. 

Once you’ve figured out which swatch most closely matches your color, then you can choose which hair extension type and length to order.  

Haircare Tips for Blonde Hair Extensions 

With your delicate new locks, you might be wondering how to care for blonde extensions. If you’re a natural blonde or dyed blonde, you know how important it is to keep up with a haircare routine for shiny, healthy strands. Since our hair extensions for blonde hair are made with 100% Remy human hair, you’ll be able to wash and style it just like your natural hair.  

Keep in mind these tips for bright and long-lasting blonde hair extensions

  • Since blonde hair extensions require more processing to achieve a lighter tone, it’s essential to condition your strands to keep them moisturized. Use a conditioner that’s free from parabens and sulfates to avoid damaging your strands. For extra hydration, leave-in conditioner and hair masks will help keep your strands looking their best.  
  • Protect your hair from the sun! Harsh UV rays can fade and dry out your blonde hair extensions. It’s best to wear a hat or head scarf or spritz some extra leave-in conditioner to keep your strands protected.  
  • Use the right brush for your extensions! A regular hairbrush can damage your hair extensions for blonde hair. Look for brushes specifically made for hair extensions or ones with natural soft bristles like boar’s hair.  
  • If you’re planning to take a dip in the pool, make sure your extensions don’t get any chlorine on them! Chlorine can be highly damaging to your hair extensions by discoloring and drying them out. Tie your hair up before enjoying a day poolside.  

And now it’s time to rock your bright blonde hair extensions by Wicked Roots Hair. Don’t forget to tag us on your social posts with #WickedRootsFam. We’d love to see your beautiful blonde locks on Instagram

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