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Voluminous Hairstyles for Hair with Extensions
Mia Santini April 27th 2023

Voluminous Hairstyles for Hair with Extensions

We’ve rounded up our favorite voluminous hairstyles for hair with extensions to take your hair up a notch!  

When you think about styles with hair extensions, the first thing that usually comes to mind is length. But what about adding thickness to your strands with hair volume extensions? For those of you with fine hair that need that extra oomph, add voluminous hair extensions to your natural hair for vivaciously full locks.  

We know how frustrating it can be trying to get your hair to cooperate and not look flat or limp. You see all of these girls with voluminous hairstyles and wonder why that can’t be you. Psst, we’ll let you in on a little secret—they’re probably using styles with hair extensions, and you don’t even realize it! Yes, that’s why no matter what you try, all of the volume-enhancing shampoos in the world aren’t going to achieve what voluminous hair extensions can for your hair.  

We’ve rounded up our favorite voluminous hairstyles for hair with extensions to take your hair up a notch!  

Thick and Full Styles with Hair Extensions 

If you’re going for hair volume extensions rather than length, you can opt for shorter hair extensions. Find your perfect hair extension length for your needs. Depending on how long your current hair is, 12” or 16” would work well for added fullness in hairstyles for hair with extensions. If you’re using tape-in extensions (like our Tape It™), you can play around with the number of extensions you use for that ultimate volume. Clip-in and band-style extensions allow for fun and full looks you can DIY at home (see our Clip It™ and Band It™ for these styles.) 

Now, onto the hair inspo with voluminous hair extensions for that extra body-ody-ody.   

Retro Waves 

We might be aging ourselves here, but does anyone remember Jessica Rabbit? Her voluminous retro waves turned heads, even as a cartoon! When you add retro waves to your hair volume extensions, it creates a defined texture that really pulls together this look. If you don’t want the waves to be too tight, you can always brush them out for a softer style. The difference between these waves and a standard curly blow-dry is that these waves run in one continuous line for that extra sultry vibe.   

Blended Ombré 

Hair hack coming your way! We’re happy to report that ombré hair with darker roots and a graduated depth of color actually creates the illusion of thicker hair. Long length combined with a transitional ombré color will bring your voluminous look together. Rock blended ombré styles with hair extensions (we carry ombré colors for our salon-quality hair extensions!) with the added bonus of a low-maintenance style—no need for root touch-up color here.  

Vintage Curls 

Ready for your Hollywood close-up? Vintage curls are all about glam and flowy voluminous curls. This timeless look is a classic for a reason! If it’s good enough for the movie stars, sign us up! Achieve beautiful curly hairstyles for hair with extensions using a curling iron (never exceed 350 °F when heat styling your hair extensions) or the classic rollers for that extra authentic look. Don’t forget the hairspray!  

Dimensional Highlights


When you add highlights to your hair, it can add much-needed depth to thin or flat hair. Highlighted hair has a bit more texture that creates the look of fuller and thicker hair. Our Wicked Roots hair extensions are unique in their multi-tonal blend of highlights and lowlights—making the most natural blend possible with hair volume extensions! Another great way to add dimensional color is by mixing and matching shades of Tape It™ extensions into your natural hair.  

Beachy Waves 

You can never go wrong with long and layered beach waves! This look has texture and volume that works wonders with hairstyles for hair with extensions. The key to achieving the perfect beachy waves is by curling two inches from your roots and only curling each section for ten seconds max to create those loose curls. Finish off the style with voluminous hair extensions and texturizing spray for that fresh-from-the-beach look.   

Turn Up the Hair Volume Extensions with Wicked Roots 

Creating hairstyles for hair with extensions length is fun, but don’t forget about the volume too! The best combination includes the perfect length mixed with voluminous hair extensions. Through cute hairstyles, added dimension, and hair extensions, creating thick and full looks are possible for anyone, no matter their hair type! The most important thing to remember is to have fun with it and try out different looks to see what works best for your hair. 

Which of these voluminous styles with hair extensions will you try? Make sure to tag us on Instagram with #WickedRootsFam so we can see your gorgeous locks! 

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