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What Are the Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair?
Mia Santini July 3rd 2023

What Are the Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair?

Whether you’re in the middle of growing your hair out or just want to change up your look, the best short hair extensions will flawlessly blend with your natural locks.  

Dreaming of long voluminous hair? Even with shorter hair, you can transform your tresses to great lengths with hair extensions for short hair. Whether you’re in the middle of growing your hair out or just want to change up your look, the best short hair extensions will flawlessly blend with your natural locks.  

But what type of hair extensions work best with shorter hair? And which length of hair extensions should you choose for short hair? The answers to all of your hair questions are ahead! 

The Best Short Hair Extensions Types 


As far as the best extensions for short hair to buy, go with either clip in or tape in hair extensions. Both of these hair extensions for short hair work well to blend short extensions 

compared to other methods. We’ll go over these two hair extension types so you can decide which one fits your lifestyle and hair goals. Get excited, the long hair you’ve been waiting for is within reach!  

Clip In Hair Extensions 

 One of the most popular hair extensions for short hair options are clip in hair extensions. Since they’re DIY, they give you the freedom to have short hair one day and long the next, depending on your mood. Clip in extensions are ideal for those with medium to thick hair. If you’re looking for a temporary and versatile option for your hair extensions, you’ll love these extensions that require zero commitment (especially useful if you’re a hair extensions beginner or never had them before!) 

If you’re looking for the best clip-in hair extensions for short hair, try our Clip It™! These extensions feature lightweight wefts with three layers of our salon-quality Remy hair. You’ll always get a comfortable and secure fit with our flexible wefts and silicone-coated clips. They’ll last you one to two years, depending on how often you wear them and your hair care routine (we’re all about long-lasting quality hair!)  

Tape In Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions with tape are perfect for those of you that don’t want to apply your extensions yourself. With tape in hair extensions, you have them applied by a professional stylist. They last for up to eight weeks before you need to get them reapplied. You can also reuse the same set multiple times—how many times depends on the quality of your hair extensions. Since tape in hair extensions are super lightweight, they’re great for those of you with thin or fine hair. 

Our hair extensions with tape, Tape It™, are a top choice for styling extensions with short hair. Remember, you’ll need to make a salon appointment to have tape-in extensions applied. Your stylist can help you decide the appropriate number of packs to use on your hair. On average, you’ll need four to six packs for a full head of extensions. You can reapply our tape-in extensions up to three times for a total wear time of six to eight months (that’s where our quality reigns supreme!)  

What Length Do I Need for Short Extensions


Deciding on the right length for your hair extensions is very important when you have shorter hair. When it comes to short extensions, you want a length that works best with your natural hair length. Longer hair extension lengths won’t work as well with your short hair for blending. The goal is to choose a length that’s easy to blend, lightweight, and provides a gradual transformation of your hair. 


For those of you with shorter hair, you’ll want to find short extensions, ideally between 12” to 16”, for the most natural look. Go with the 12” length if your hair is above your chin. If your hair is anywhere past your chin or to your shoulders, try 16”. If you’re using our clip in extensions, order the 16” length Clip It™. If you’re opting for our hair extensions with tape, order either the 12” or 16” length Tape It™, depending on how short your hair is.  

Add Length and Volume with Hair Extensions for Short Hair 


Enjoy added volume, thickness, and length to your hair with the best short hair extensions. Whether you choose clip in or tape in hair extensions, be sure to select the right length based on how short your hair is. In no time, you’ll have the luxuriously long locks you’ve always wanted! 


If you’re wondering, where can I buy clip in hair extensions or tape in hair extensions, you’re in the right place! Shop our Clip It™ for your on-the-go hair extension option or our Tape It™ for long-lasting and lightweight extensions. If you need help deciding on a color or length, contact us at info@wickedrootshair.com. We’re always happy to assist! 

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