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a variety of hair extension accessories including hair clips and hair bands
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The Best Accessories for Hair Extensions

Looking for the best accessories for hair extensions? Keep reading to find out all you need to maintain and style your hair extensions with these must have hair accessories.

When you have the perfect set of hair extensions, next you’ll need must have hair accessories like silk pillowcases for hair and the best hair extension clips to complete your collection. Keep up with the latest trending hairstyles with the best brushes for hair extensions for styling and detangling.

Looking for the best accessories for hair extensions? Keep reading to find out all you need to maintain and style your hair extensions with these must have hair accessories.

Must Have Hair Accessories

From washing to styling and sleeping, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper accessories for your hair extensions. Keep your hair looking healthy and strong with the right tools!

Add these useful hair accessories to your haircare list: 

Extension Wet Brush

When it’s time to wash your hair extensions, a wet brush is a lifesaver! These brushes are gentle on your hair while you brush through knots and prevent matting. Since hair is at its weakest wet, it’s important to use a wet brush for detangling to avoid damaging your fragile strands. 

Sectioning Comb

It’s essential to have good hair combs to maintain your hair extensions. Use a hair sectioning comb to apply your hair extensions with precision. Using a sectioning comb with a tapered end will allow the tool to be gentle on the scalp when sectioning your hair. Opt for a sectioning comb with soft plastic bristles that fan out to detangle and brush your hair with ease. 

Extension Rat Tail Comb

Another great tool for applying and removing your hair extensions is a rat tail comb. Create perfect parts and sections in your hair with a comb on one end and a sectioning tool on the other. This two-in-one hair extension accessory is a go-to for salon professionals and stylists. 

Hair Extension Clips

Add some flair to your hair extension styles with the best hair extension clips. Styling with hair clips is trending for fun and flirty looks that add a bit of bling or focal point to your tresses. Hair clips are useful on days when you want a quick and easy style using claw clips or barrettes.


Cute and functional scrunchies are better for your hair than other hair elastics or ties. Why are scrunchies better for your hair, you ask? Other hair ties leave creases and dents in your hair. Scrunchies are much softer and less damaging on your strands. Take it a step further and go for a silk scrunchie to ease friction and protect your hair’s cuticle to prevent breakage. 

Silk Pillowcases for Hair

Wake up with less frizz and tangles when you sleep on silk pillowcases for hair. Silk allows your hair to glide along the surface of the pillowcase without any friction, which means less breakage! This is especially useful if you have tape-in extensions (like our Tape It) that you can’t take out before bed. 

Iridescent Tote

If you’re using a wear-and-go hair extension option like our Clip It or Band it, use a zip storage tote to keep your hair protected when not in use. After removing your hair extensions, brush them out before putting them in storage. Always make sure they’re completely dry first and store them away from direct sunlight. 

Hair Extensions Are Your Best Accessory 

Having the best accessories for your hair extensions ensures they’ll stay looking good as new. Have fun styling your extensions with good hair combs that are gentle on your locks and must have hair accessories that make your strands stand out. 

After you’ve stocked up on the best hair extension clips and silk pillowcases for hair extensions, now you need the best hair extensions! Whether you’re looking for semi-permanent or temporary, Wicked Roots Hair extensions have high-quality options for every lifestyle. 

Discover our collection of 100% Remy hair extensions and experience the difference.

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