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Woman with brown hair worried about extensions damaging her hair
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Will Tape-In Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Let’s face it, damaged hair = not cute. So, let’s avoid it at all costs! Keep reading to get all the tea about hair extensions that dont damage hair and why you don’t need to worry about tape in extensions damage ahead. 

If you’re looking for a semi-permanent hair extension option, you might ask yourself, “are hair extensions bad for your hair?” and, more specifically, whether tape in extensions damages your hair.

Tape-in extensions are a popular choice for those who want to turn up the volume and add some inches to their strands. They’re easily applied, more affordable, and lightweight than other extension methods. To answer the question, “do hair extensions damage hair?” this all depends on whether you follow proper maintenance and application for your hair extensions.

Let’s face it, damaged hair = not cute. So, let’s avoid it at all costs! Keep reading to get all the tea about hair extensions that dont damage hair and why you don’t need to worry about tape in extensions damage ahead. 

Are Tape in Extensions Bad for Your Hair?

“Do tape in extensions ruin your hair?” is one of the most common questions about tape-in hair extensions we get asked. You can breathe a sigh of relief because tape-in extensions are non-damaging and safe to use (phew!)

To ensure your strands won’t suffer from tape in extensions damage, you’ll need to keep up proper hair extension maintenance and use a professional stylist for application. Hair extensions that dont damage hair are simply those that are properly cared for, including applying and removing with the right methods. 

Proper Hair Extension Maintenance

Do hair extensions damage hair? When you have high-quality hair extensions (ours are made of 100% Remy human hair!) that are maintained properly, you can ensure your strands will stay damage-free. Avoiding tape in extensions damage is easy when you have a haircare routine in place. This includes brushing, washing, conditioning, and sleeping with care. 

Here are our top care tips to prevent tape in extensions damage:


  • Only brush your hair when it’s completely dry to avoid breakage
  • Use a brush or comb that’s gentle on your hair extensions (like our sectioning comb)
  • Start brushing at mid-shaft and brush in a downward motion
  • Hold the section of your hair you’re brushing to avoid tugging at the weft
  • Brush your hair several times per day to banish matting and tangling
  • Use a heat protectant when using heated tools (never exceed 350 degrees!)


  • Wash your hair with cold water to keep your strands soft and shiny
  • When shampooing, start at the ends and work your way up
  • Avoid using products that contain sulfates, oil, alcohol, or ethanol (our haircare bundle will keep your strands damage-free!)
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing before conditioning
  • Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp with tape-in extensions to avoid damaging the adhesive bond of the tape 
  • Condition your strands from mid-shafts to ends, and rinse all product out thoroughly


  • Ensure your hair is dry before heading to bed, wet hair in bed is a recipe for damage
  • Put your hair up in a soft bun or braids before bed to avoid tangling while sleeping
  • Using a silk scrunchie or pillowcase will help reduce friction on your strands
  • A satin sleeping cap or hair wrap can also protect your hair while you snooze

Professional Application of Hair Extensions

Another surefire way to avoid tape in extensions damage is to get them applied by a professional stylist. When your tape in extensions are applied the right way, you can ensure you won’t have to ask, “do extensions damage hair?” with your new tape in extensions. So, what should you expect when you head to the salon? (make sure to prep beforehand for your hair extension appointment!)

If you’re using our Tape It hair extensions, bring them to the salon (in their super cute protective tote!) for your stylist to apply. They’ll typically section your hair into three even sections: two in the front and one in the back. Starting from the back bottom of your hair, your stylist will apply your tape in extensions by placing the adhesive directly onto your natural hair. The double sided tape and single sided tape tabs we use on our Tape It extensions are gentle and vegan, latex-free, and hypoallergenic.

To avoid damage, your stylist should put enough of your hair in between the extensions to support the weight of the extensions–if not, it could cause your hair to thin or rip out. The extensions should also be applied parallel to the scalp to prevent them from weighing on some hairs and not others, which could result in ripping the hair out if not done properly.

Once they finish the back of your head, they will move on to the sides until your entire head is covered with your tape in extensions. Leave the salon feeling fresh and start that haircare routine at home to maintain your new extensions and prevent tape in extensions damage. If you’re wondering how long your extensions will last, you’ll be able to wear Tape It extensions for up to 8 weeks before you have to get them reapplied (you can also reuse them up to 3 times for a total of 6-8 months of wear time!)

No Tape In Extensions Damage Here!

You won’t have to nervously google, “are hair extensions bad for your hair?” anymore. Save our blog post for later reference to maintain your locks and make sure you won’t have to ever worry about tape in extensions damage. 

To always keep your hair on point, follow us on Instagram for more haircare tips, hairstyle inspo, and more!

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